Funny Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals every year. People begin planning their Halloween party one-two months prior to the festival. One of the most essential aspects of this festival is the costume. Every person feels that need to look different and to let their costume stand out from the rest. Nowadays, people want to wear costumes that are different from the traditional and scary Halloween outfits. They often look for unique and funny costumes that give them an edge over their peers.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the funniest Halloween costumes are food costumes. Such costumes are available easily in the market. There are various options one can chose from:

Banana Halloween Costumes

banana halloween costumes

Dressing up like a banana would make a very funny Halloween costume for a Halloween party. A banana costume is available in all sizes. So if everyone in a family wears a banana costume, a banana family would appear to be funnier. It is also a very good idea for a funny Halloween couple’s costume where one of the two wears a bananacostume and the other becomes a gorilla or a monkey.

Candy and Chocolate Halloween Costumes

chocolate halloween costumes

Chocolate and candy costumes are another choice for funny Halloween costumes. People can choose from the different types chocolate costumes available. A funnier costume would be a dripping icicle costume which is available in the market.

Hot-Dog Halloween Costumes

hot dog halloween costumes

Wearing a Hot-Dog with artificial mustard sauce would be another unique and funny Halloween costume.

Drinks and the Costume: Another cliché yet snazzy costume to use for a Halloween party is to wear a life-sized beer can or bottle. Such costumes are famous among men who host Halloween beer parties.

Besides the costumes mentioned above, people can also use other commonly seen food items as Halloween outfits for the party.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

celebrity funny halloween costumes
celebrity halloween costumes

Another way to make Halloween costumes look funnier is to dress up like the most controversial celebrity of the year. One can take ideas by looking at the typical costumes worn by celebrities. The most famous ones would include Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga and other controversial glitterati.

Cartoons and Halloween Costumes

funny cartoon halloween costumes for kids

Cartoon characters are very common for a Halloween party costume. But adding a little twist and creativity to it would make the costume funnier and exceptional. For a couple, dressing up like Tom and Jerry, Mickey and Minnie would be pretty common. But, by giving the cartoon characters a funnier costume change, like Jerry looking like a cat and Tom like a mouse, would make it look unique.

Unique and Funny Halloween Costumes for Couples

funny halloween costumes for couples

There are plenty options for couples which are available in the market these days. Funny costumes include nut and bolt, fork and spoon, socket and plug. Such costumes are unique and make the couple stand-out in the crowd. Other unique ideas include the man dressed up like a nurse and his partner like a doctor or the lady dressed up like a football player and the man as a cheerleader.

Halloween Costumes for a Group

funny halloween costumes for group of 4

Incase a group is attending a Halloween party together; they would like to have a common theme for their costume. There are plenty options for funny costumes for a group. A group or a family of three can dress up like ‘The Three Little Pigs’ or ‘Stone, Paper and Scissor’ to give a funny touch to their Halloween costumes. Another idea is to dress up like a pack of cards- Jack, Queen, King and Ace. A large group can dress up like a cast of a huge movie or cartoon like Harry Potter or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Thus, instead of wearing scary, traditional and standard costumes for a Halloween party, one can grab the limelight by wearing creatively designed Halloween costumes.