Funeral Service Exam

What is Funeral Service Exam?

Those who want to enter the profession of funeral service should qualify the Funeral Service examination. Though this is a national level exam administered by the International Conference of Funeral Service, some states administer their own exams to check the eligibility. Ideally the funeral service exam includes diverse topics such as restorative art, the history of funerals, and anatomy. So the candidates will have to depend on a number of study resources to get an idea of all these areas. The exam checks whether candidates have the knowledge and skills required to enter the field of funeral service.


Candidates must be 18 years of age to apply.

Candidates should provide certificate to prove the successful completion of the schooling and to prove that the candidate has all the requirements for graduation from an ABFSE-accredited mortuary science program. 


The funeral service exam includes two major components- arts and sciences. The arts section includes the following areas.

  • Sociology/funeral service history (18 items)
  • Psychology (21 items)
  • Funeral directing (27 items)
  • Business law (18 items)
  • Funeral service law (24 items)
  • Funeral service merchandising (18 items)
  • Accounting/computers (24 items).

The sciences section covers questions on

  • Embalming (42 items)
  • Restorative art (42 items)
  • Microbiology (15 items)
  • Pathology (24 items)
  • Chemistry (12 items)
  • Anatomy (15 items).

As the exam covers a wide range of topics, a thorough preparation is necessary to pass the exam.


The minimum passing score for the examination is 75. Candidates are required to score 75 or higher on both arts and science sections of the funeral service exam. The board office will let the candidates know about the results in writing within 5 to 7 days after the board office has received the examination results. Those who fail in the exam will have to wait for 30 days to retake the exam.

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