Full Moon Party 2016

The Full Moon Party is held in the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand on the night before or after every full moon.

The story goes that few tourists discovered the most enchanting moon light in the beaches of Haad Rin in Koh Phangan in 1985 and they celebrated the night. This started the custom and now every month it draws huge number of tourists who party all night along the beach to celebrate the full moon. Usually the party starts at dusk and continues till the wee hours of morning. Small tables are lined up along the beach and many lamps are lit. The party now draws crowds ranging from 10,000-30,000 people. There are many bars along the beach and they play various kinds of music like house, dance, reggae, R & B, drum and bass.

As the sun sets, the party mood gains momentum on the beach which has something to offer to everybody present there. People go into a frenzy dancing to the tunes of different genres of music being played at the bars. There are jugglers and fire eaters performing dangerous feats to entertain the crowds. There are fireworks in the sky to add to the party mood. People eat, drink and make merry the whole night in this warm surf of the Gulf of Thailand. Thousands of people dance in a trance of music with no inhibitions to celebrate the Fool Moon Party.

The party gained such popularity that it has been filmed in movies like The Beach, Last Stop for Paul and also many Thai films.Travellers across the world match their trip to Asia in line with the Full Moon Party.

But in recent years it has gained some negative reports as there are many unruly events like fire skipping ropes, unruly tourists, unlimited alcohol and even drug culture. But the govt. is now taking strict measures to control these nuisances. People look up to this party to feel the ultimate party experience. British Govt. had officially warned tourists to remain safe while attending the Fool Moon Party.

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