Frog Jumping Day 2017

May 13th of every year is celebrated as the National Frog Jumping Day. The international counterpart of this celebration is February 29.


The origin of this celebration is attributed to the Frog Jumping Contest (1849) of Calaveras County in California and Mark Twain’s story – ‘Jim and His Jumping Frog (1865).’  This book was rewritten and republished by Twain under the names: ‘The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,’ and ‘The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.’ The book is a narration within a narration, and the story is about a casual competition between two men betting on whose frog jumps higher.

Significance of Frogs

Several cultures have a special place for frogs in their mythology. Being amphibians (water and land), the frogs signify transformation, fertility, and abundance. Shamanic cultures believe that the frogs control the weather. The frog song (their croak) is an amazing thing for many campers. These and many such reasons motivate people to celebrate the Frog Jumping Day on May 13.

Ideas for Celebrating this Day

The following are some of the ways that people celebrate this day:

  • adopting a frog or buying one as a pet
  • sending e-cards
  • dressing in green and greeting others with ‘Ribbit’
  • practicing frog yoga
  • hosting frog jumping contests
  • decorating the house/office with frog themed décor items

There are many such sensible and funky ways of celebrating the Frog Jumping Day.

Frog Jumping Day 2017