Friendship Day 2017

Friendship Day 2017

Friends are one of the most valuable people in our life. Having a good friend whom we can share our feelings and problems will make our world happy and worth living. Understanding, compassionate, loving, and mending is some of the quality a friend shows. They are the people who says silently, that " You Are Special and important'. So shouldn’t we thank all our dear friends and tell them how much their support and friendship mean to us. Most of the time, we don’t find an opportunity to express our gratitude, or to tell them how important they are. Friendship day is a right occasion celebrating this wonderful bonding between two hearts and a very good chance to say, "Hey I would never be the same without your friendship".

When is the Friendship Day Celebrated

Every year, the first Sunday in the month of August is celebrated the beautiful bond between two person; friendship. The idea of honoring friendship and friends began in the year 1935 in the United States of America. As the popularity and the true reason behind the celebration spread, friendship day became an international observation and more and more countries started observing this day. Today the first Sunday of August is celebrated in most of the country dedicating this day to friends all over the world. Every person is a friend of one or many, so the friendship day is a celebration for each and every person on mother earth.

How to Celebrate the Friendship Day

Friendship day is a great opportunity even for the shyest friend to say "friend you made my day" or "you mean a lot". On this day, friends express their love by exchanging friendship bands and gifts like flowers, cards to each others. People spend their entire day as part of celebration with their special friends where they share their joy and have fun. Friendship is one of the strongest relationships which influences ones behavior. Affection, care, respect, understanding and trustworthiness are important which helps maintain a good bond with their friends. This is a day where peoples can recollect their beautiful memories about their friends or friendship.

In today's life every persons give more importance to their relationship with friends which has increased importance of the friendship day. .  Friendship day is celebrated as a day to dedicate to their friends, to show how much they care and love them. As friends are the mirror image of each other's personality friend's decisions, opinions, lifestyles and their perceptions will greatly influence in persons behavior. Specialty of this day is that people forgets their sorrows, celebrates their day with friends by making each other's happy and most of all making each other feel worthy.

Friendship Day Gifts

Youth and students celebrate the day with much enthusiasm, they spent time with each other and enjoy the day to its maximum. the friendship is acknowledged by giving each other flowers, gifts, chocolates, friendship bands, greeting cards and even a framed photo of one of their best moments together. Winnie the pooh has been decided as the world ambassador of friendship by the united Nations in the year 1997 an d presenting stuffed toys, clay models and greeting card with this cute Ambassador of friendship has become a trend among friends. These are not the only gifts which are given, a pen, a good novel, or even a serving of your friends favorite ice cream does the job as long as it is given with a lot of friendship and love. Even a small note or a handmade card can convey the real meaning of the friendship you share. Now, the day is not just for youth though they are the ones who celebrate it with the most enthusiasm. Many elderly enjoys friendship which has begun many decades ago and is still strong, and they are the one to whom the celebration really mean to. And celebrating this year long relationship together and going through the pages of the old memories of the friendship can be the best gift they can give each other. 

Friendship does not need a verbal thank you or expression of love to make each other understand the real value they give for the relation. But expressing it can always help as a small thank you will be treasured. As someone said, "In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." So take this opportunity to at least call up your friends who are really special and tell them that you always treasure them and their friendship.

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Friendship Day 2017