Friendship Day Ideas

International Friendship day is the best opportunity to tell your friend how much they mean to you. The first Sunday of august is fast approaching, so have you planned anything yet to make this friendship day special and memorable day? Try out a surprise or present your friend with a unique gift so as to make the day really the best. Plan some activities together and spent time together to celebrate the most beautiful and strongest bonds ever.

Celebrate the Friend Day with Your Friend

The friendship day can be best enjoyed if you celebrate the special day with your friends. Have a picnic or lunch together to celebrate the day together or enjoy yourself by playing golf or billiard together. You can plan a short adventure trip if you and your friends love adventure activities. You can either organize a party for all your friends out in a restaurant or at your home and play on some videos of you people enjoying together. Or you can plan an outing together or either plan a movie. The main this is you should try to keep away the works or any engagements and try to spent at least some time together and celebrate the friendship.

Friendship Day Gift Ides

They are a lot of gifts available in the shops, from beautiful greeting cards telling your friend how special they are, to expensive gift pieces and teddy bears. But do you think that is all your friend deserves? Will a card saying thank you for being my friend do the job? Well, it will if you give it with all the love from your heart. But the thing is your special friend deserves the best and something just for them? There are hundred and one gifts you can give our friend which they will treasure forever and these don’t really need to be costly.

You are the person you knows the taste and preference of your friends; always give your friend something which they are going to love and something you know they would love to get. If they read books, give them a book of their favorite author which they don’t have at home; there is no meaning in giving another copy of book they already have. So do find out the latest book of that particular writer which your friend is planning to buy. Or you can give them music C D or even their favorite flower. You can also try taking your friend to a special spot for dinner or order them their favorite food with a note reminding about the last time you shared it together.

One of the best things you can give them is a note of memories. You can either write down al the little and big moments of your friendship and the time when you enjoyed the most with your friend. Try picking up some snaps of both of you together to add with the note. Tell them why exactly you value their friendship and also add the way they acted themselves in a particular situation which made them really special. Telling them all these things in words are not possible for everyone so try to make a card or something like a scrap book and gift it to your friend and say YOU are the one who made my world.

If they are your childhood friend taking take them out to your favorite childhood spot and enjoy the memories you had together or go to your favorite ice cream parlor or pizza centre and share the food together as you used to when you were children. Or you can watch a movie together which you loved as a child. Plan anything which can make your friend happy and you can remember the very strong bond which you shared as a child and the time you spent together.

These are not the only gifts you can give your friend, you can also present them some flowers, chocolates, perfumes, watches or collectable items. But whatever you give, give it with a lot of love.

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