Friendship Day Celebrations

Friends are one of the most important people in anybody's life. The time to thank your friend for what they have been and the time to celebrate your friendship is approaching- it is the international friendship day on the first Sunday of August and this year it will be on the very first day of august. Many countries have adopted the celebration of this beautiful bonding between two hearts and two lives and the day is observed by getting together and exchanging gifts. This is an opportunity to convey your real concern and love towards or friend.


Celebrate the day with your friend and make it one of the most memeorable and treasured moments. Friends always have a lotof moment together and almost every time spent together is a celebration. So shouldn’t you celebrate the friendship and thank your friend. Friendship day is the time to show you love your friend for what they are. Celebrate the day with your friend in your own special way nd enjoy the day to its fullest.

Party with your Friends

Party has become a synonym for every other celebration. Getting together and spending a few hours enjoying music, food and company is always a refreshing experience. Get out for a party this friendship day and celebrate the day with your friends. The day is especially for friends so leave behind all the tensions from home and work and enjoy your day. If you can, organize a party for your old and new friends. Order some good food and enjoy the party with great music. You can even organize some games for the day. Don’t forget to give away a gift or at least a greeting card telling why actually you honor their friendship.

Sharing Memories

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the best of friend at a place near you. Most of the times we just don’t get time to say a proper 'hi' for weeks. Sometimes it will be months before we meet them next time. But the bond remains the same and strong. Getting together and sharing a few happy hours with your friend is always a best way to celebrate. If they are your childhood friend, you may have loads of good and bad memories together. Memories of games, of silly fights or bunking your classes, your first crush and so on… get together to share those beautiful memories and experiences which have made you the person you are. Go to your favorite hangout spot and talk your day out about all those beautiful moments you share when you were small and as you grew up.

Friendship Day Games

Games are a fun way of getting together. If your circle of friends is planning to celebrate the friendship day, try organizing some small games to enjoy together. If you like a particular sport like golf, foot ball or water polo, plan it on the day. Almost all of you will be free from any sort of work or classes on friendship day as it is Sunday. So celebrate the day with your favorite game and your favorite people. You can also opt for card games, who said BINGO or intellect games like Sudoku. The main thing is you can spent some quality time with each other and enjoy being happy.

Eating out

Which friends don’t have a favorite restaurant, a favorite seat in it and a food which they fight for? Almost everyone get together at a particular food café , eat a specific order all the time and open up your heart over the food; your all time favorite dish. Have you found time to eat out together at your best spot lately? If your answer is NO, go celebrate your day at the place. Try reserving your favorite seat before hand as you don’t want to be sitting in another seat and wishing to have YOUR favorite seat to open up your heart to your friend. Let the food be your treat and plan a walk or shopping together after your meal.

Friendship Day Gifts

Gifts are always a token of love. Never does a friend want anything from you except your genuine care and love. But giving a gift or card on this special occasion always make them feel appreciated and thankful. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gift of the lot to wish your friend. A very small card with a handwritten note can do the job. You are the one to know your friends likes and dislikes, buy a gift which you know your friend is going to love. Your appreciation can also be shown through small gestures, if you have a college who means a lot, try completing a piece of his job if possible or order a cup of coffee in the busiest of his hour. This is really going to make him happy.

Celebrate the day with the most beautiful people in your life and say 'I am who I am because I have got the most precious bunch of friends in the world'. This day calls for celebration so keep away everything else and enjoy with your friends, make it the best of all moment you shared with them.

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