Friendship Day Activities

Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year and it is the best opportunity to thank your friend for the person they hav e been to you throughout. Everyone even the shyest of the lot has at least one friend. And most of you may have a few special friends and many friends who have made your life more enjoyable and happier. Most of the time we don’t get an opportunity to thank them for all they are or to spend quality time with them. As they friendship day approaches do something to thank your friend properly or spent some time enjoying together.

Best things do together

The best of friends mostly has similar likes and dislikes. So plan something on this friendship day which you are going to love together.

Plan a shopping

If you love shopping, call up your friend and go for shopping at your favorite mall and spent some time shopping together and take your time enjoying together. Try window shopping in some of the best shops but remember to notice your friend admiring a dress, perfume, stuffed toy or anything which he/ she really would love to have. If you can, try buying it for your friend. They are going to love you for it. If you don’t see them wow ing anything, don’t worry there are a lot other things in the shops which you know your friend will love.

Plan some sport together

If there is a favorite game you enjoyed playing together or still enjoys, why not try it out this friendship day. Your hectic life may have kept you away from getting in to games or other activities and if you can find time for it, your friend might be busy with something else. Do you remember the last time you enjoyed the game of golf or bowling together? Well keep away everything off this friendship day and enjoy the game. Phone your friend in advance and pack up your work for the day to get into the activity of your choice. If you are an adventure person, plan an adventure hike to some spot near your place and if you can take a day or two off from work, plan an elaborate one this August.


Partying is the best thing to do together, go to a restaurant or disco which is organizing a party this friendship day and enjoy your heart out. If you prefer a private party, organize a party for your circle of friends, eat and drink junk foods and soft drinks you love the most or order food from the restaurant you usually eat together. Play on some good music and enjoy being together. You can arrange the snaps you had together and play it on screen. You can also play games like 'do or dare' or dumpster acts or any other fun games.

Watch a movie together

Try going out for a movie at a theater and do go get the preview of the movie before going to watch it as you don’t want to spoil your time at a boring movie. If you don’t want to go out, you can get the video CD's of some of the movies you have enjoyed together and get some popcorn and a few bottle of soft drinks to enjoy the movie together. Try getting some funny videos or some humorous movies as laughing together always help to strengthen the friendship.

Go out for a picnic

Pack your lunch and go for a picnic at a park or beach near you and plan a sleep over picnic if you can. Enjoy time together and explore the height of your friendship. or plan your picnic near your favorite hangout point back in the beginning of your friendship. Take some comic books you enjoyed as children and read those together and don’t forget to pack the friendship day gift in your back pack.

Plan some activity together this friendship day and enjoy time together. You can also give them some gifts which really say how much importance they hold in your life. Ring up one of your friend's favorite dedication television program and ask to play a song especially for them. You can get flowers, cards, gifts or some of your favorite ice cream on the day. Give a huge bear hug and say 'thank you being for me'. Do it in your own way and tell your friends that you really, really care.

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