Free Comic Book Day 2017

Free comic day is generally held on first Saturday of May each year. Free comic day, as the name implies is a day where speciality shops across North America and some regions across the globe give free comic books to individuals. The very first comic book day event was held in 2002. It is monitored and administered by a team representing all the comic book retailers, publishers, suppliers and diamond comic distributors. In general, the Comic books are created in the twentieth century. The comics are the original art forms that are fun to read with wide range of diverse story lines where the imaginations of readers are captured.

Why Free Comic Book Day?

Free comic book day is a day where book publishers introduce new comic books to the readers. This is a way to introduce their new comic editions and book stores to the readers who might have not ventured in yet. To grasp the attention of the customers or readers free comic book day is celebrated to discover varied collection of free comics and give away free copies of comic books. On free comic book day the book stores are completely rushed with the individuals. Many customers come to stores for buying newly released comics or come for grabbing free comics. There are lots of people who love comic books; it’s a celebration for new reader or the regular readers as a whole.

Thus, the free comic book day is one of the effective marketing tools used to grasp the attention of the customers or readers to comic book stores. Thus, Free Comic Book Day is a wonderful way to recognize and appreciate that institution. The first Free Comic Book Day was in May of 2002. Since then, millions of visitors have come to comic book stores all over and partaken in the event. Many reputed publishers and stores participate in the free comic book day every year to publicize and promote their latest version of comic books to the customers.

What is the Significance of Celebrating this Day?

 Free Comic Book Day plays a significant role in finding interesting and new comic books to read, especially from the small press and independent markets. Every store has got its own style and techniques to appeal the customers. Some stores only give away single issues, while others have a bag of selected comics. Some stores give selected comics for free as they are supposed to be totally free to the customers and some allow you to take one of your favourites. You just need to go to your local comic book store and check out the free books as well as the other great offerings they may have.   Comic books are apt for all the age groups.

 On Free comic book day you can make your kids read and get their comprehension up. Adult readers who now enjoy more intricate year-spanning storylines bring with them the next generation of comic collectors. These free books set up new comic fans to forthcoming series and common characters. Comic books stores thus gives away limited-edition of comic books to express gratitude to the usual comic buyers and attracts new younger comic admirer.

Free Comic Book Day 2017