Flag Day Parade 2015

The Flag Day is celebrated as an inclusion towards adoption of the United States flag. That happened on the day by resolution of Continental Congress in 1777. The early president in the year 1916, President Woodrow Wilson declared official 14th June as the Flag Day. The Flag Day is not official a federal holiday and Pennsylvania became the first U.S. state to declare a holiday on Flag Day that began in the year 1937.

The Flag day Parade begins on 14th June annually. The largest parade that so far is being held in Troy of New York and draws 50,000 people is based on Quincy parade. The oldest Flag Day Parade is at Fairfield, Washington that began in the year 1909 or 1910. Fairfield organized many other events that included the Parade on 14th June. The longest ever running Flag Day parade in the United States is held at Quincy of Massachusetts and will honor 63rd Flag Day Parade in the year 2015.

The Flag Day Parade strives to honor the American Flag, Women, Service Men and Veterans. The Parade includes Units of Veterans, Color Guards, Clowns, Drill teams, Musical Marching Units, Equestrian Groups, trucks, Antique cars, Drums & Bugle Corps and different ways to display the Flag.

In Three Oaks the event has been extended to a week that includes the celebrations with art, kids activities and more. The Three Oaks has moved on to 63rd celebration of Flag Day Parade to honor America every year they host the parade and week long celebration shows the fun, community and patriotism.

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