Flag Day Celebrations

Downtown Anaheim, California

Live patriotic music, special guest speakers, free snacks and free flags are a number of the attractions that set this event apart from other Flag Day celebrations what really makes the event a valuable venture are the children. Students are challenged to inscribe essays based on the theme “What the Flag Means to Me.

St North Tonawanda

The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is asset a Flag Day Celebration on Sunday, June 14 th from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Come honor the acceptance of the flag of the United States at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum. The kids are sure to take pleasure in the Flag Day themed crafts and activities. The event is gratis with paid admission to the museum.


The State College Elks Lodge and local veterans organizations will support a joint service and flag retirement ceremony on the foundation of the Pennsylvania Military Museum. The public is encouraged to bring their unserviceable American flags for the proper discarding.

Open Poetry Reading/Flag Day Celebrations

Poets are invited to read their own work at this Open Poetry reading. Recitations from favorite works are also preferred. Event is free and snacks will be served. Theme for this event is anything connected to patriotism.


  • It is celebrated before 2nd saturday of August at Keehi Lagoon Park.
  • Events and schedules might alter from year to year.
  • Open to the Public

Aufaipese i Vi'iga Fa’aleagaga (Spiritual Song Fest)

Choirs from churches on Oahu, and neighbor islands, come jointly with their gospel song(s) for this event. It is astonishing to see and to hear choirs of different denominations come together and praise God with music and song.

Tauvaga Po Pese ma Po Siva (Song & Dance GroupCompetition)

People come jointly in groups of 100 or more members stand for a village, churches, schools, companies, clubs, islands or special guests from South Pacific Islands. These groups carry with them the songs and dances that tell a story, clearing up: a historical event; government issues, or concerning someone important, usually politicians.

Tauvaga Au Kirikiti (Cricket Games)

This is the solitary largest event in the Samoa Hawai'i Flag Day (SHFD) celebration. There are two dissimilar tournaments. The Invitation for

  • The Open Invitation
  • The International Championship of Women Teams Division and Men Teams Division

Open InvitationTournament:

AllSHFD registered Cricket Teams may compete in this tournment.

International Championship Tournament:

All International Champion Teams registered in the SHFD Tournament may vie in this Tournament and or the Open Invitation Tournament if they desire.

Volleyball: Co-ed Grass. Time and Place TBA Youth volleyball tournament.

Tosoga Maea (Tug of War)

Invitations are given to organizations that contribute in a number of of the Flag Day activities. Team members for this occasion are 15.

Tauvaga Siva Taupou (Traditional Dance)

Age group from 16 Years or Older are welcome.

Ta Polo (Golf Game)

Company Sponsors are welcome and entrance prizes contain R/T to Samoa


  • Gaosiga o Siapo (Tapa Making);
  • Lalaga Ato (Basket Weaving);
  • Sioga Afi (Fire Making);
  • O’aga Popo
  • (Coconut Husking);
  • Fale Aitu (Comedy);
  • Fa’aluma (Clown) Meataumafa (Food Demonstration);
  • Ailao
  • Naifi Oti (Fire Knife Dance);
  • Wood Carving & Ta Tatau (Tattooing).


Mata is of The Council of Samoan Chiefs and Orators meet for the Ava Ceremony every new day. Sometime the Ava Ceremony’s for new chiefs, bestowing amatai title which will be witnessed and experiential by many people.

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