Festival of Sleep Day 2015

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 Who wouldn’t like to take a day off and sleep all day like a baby? Well for those who want a reason to sleep here is a big reason. Come January 3rd you are eligible to sleep as much as you want. Sleeping is the favorite hobby for most of us. Festival of Sleep Day is celebrated on the eve of January 3rd every year. All you have to do is sleep, sleep and sleep. You need to relish the experience of how sound sleeping is. There are no barriers of how you sleep or where you sleep. This day is completely dedicated to sleeping!

Sleeping is the only escape from all the worldly stress we carry every day. We work all day in the cluster of buildings and pollution and try to be good to people and have a zillion things in our mind when we come home. Once we are home, a completely new chapter starts for us there. We start looking at repair works, preparing dinner for the family, taking care of children or old parents etc. One may think when does all this stress get vented? The answer to that question is – when you sleep!

Since when Festival of Sleep Day is celebrated

Like many holidays which we may see on the calendar and don’t know why it is a holiday, festival of sleep day is also similar to that. There is no origination traced which shows how January 3rd is declared as festival of sleep day. This day is therefore an unofficial holiday which depends on how strict and professional your office is. Either way all the sleep lovers sure must be thanking the person who has declared this day. Sleeping one full day in today’s world is definitely a boon. In the era of people being sleep deprived one would always love to take a sweet little nap.

What to do on Festival of Sleep Day

What is there to do on a day where you have to sleep? You are supposed to sleep as simple as that. There is nothing to do the whole day but sleep. You may share your experience of how you feel when you are in sound sleep. Every person feels in a different way when they are sleeping. Every person has a different story to tell about their sleep. Dreams, nightmares and imaginations are all so versatile and have no limitations.

Once you are awake there are lots of good things which you would like to share. Their dreams and imaginary stories which they get to see and experience in their dreams. For those who want to try out different things, you can check out the different places where you can sleep. For instance you can try sleeping in the couch or in the relax chair. Other than that you can go a little wild and try sleeping in a car or in a hammock in your backyard.

Having a sound sleep is all about making yourself comfortable in any place with a dreamless sleep. This is what true essence of sleeping is. Hope you all make the most of this day and discover the beauty of a good sleep. Good Night..!!  


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