Festa del Redentore 2016

The Festa del Redentore is held in Venice every year – in July.  In 2016, it will take place on July 17th and 18th -  One can expect to see fireworks and other colorful activities.  It is always held on a weekend in mid-July.

Festa del Redentore 2016 Significance

The Festa del Redentore dates back to 1577 – the city lost over 50,000 residents to a plague pandemic.  Even the great painter Titian lost his life during this time.  It was then held at the Church of the Redeemer (Redentore) to celebrate the city’s eventual deliverance from such a terrible event.  The Church was built on the Island of Guidecca – pilgrims walk across a 330 metre bridge – which is held up by pontoons.  It is a mostly religious event. 

What to Expect in Festa del Redentore 2016

On the eve of the festival, people celebrate with fireworks and good food.  Participants then spend a lot of time decorating their boats and terraces.  At sunset, St. Mark’s Bay fills up with people and boats.  People come from all over the world to experience the wonderful and emotional atmosphere of the place – they then watch the fireworks, enjoy great food and quite a few people head off to the beach to see the sunrise.  On Sunday, people go to Church to pray and give thanks for the protection.  The 2006 Festa was dedicated to the Italian National Soccer Team – they won the World Cup that year.  The theme of the fireworks was based on the colors of the Italian Flag. 

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