February 21 Birthdays :158 Famous People Birthdays on 21 February

Jennifer Love Hewitt Birthday (February 21st)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt, an American singer-songwriter and actress was born on 21st February, 1979 in Waco, Texas. Besides acting, Jennifer Love Hewitt has provided as a creator on certain movie or TV projects. At present, Jennifer Love Hewitt can be seen on CBS TV program Ghost W....

February 21 Birthday Wishes

February 21 Birthday Wishes

If it takes more than one match to light your candles‚ it takes more than one breath to blow them out. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday and much more life‚ love‚ and happiness to come!

February 21Birthday Quotes

'Love the giver more than the gift.'

Brigham Young

'Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.'

Georges Clemenceau

People Born on February 21

Year Name
1556 Sethus Calvisius German calendar reformer (d. 1615)
1675 Franz Xaver Josef von Unertl Bavarian politician (d. 1750)
1703 Shah Waliullah Islamic Scholar and Reformer (d. 1762)
1705 Edward Hawke 1st Baron Hawke (d. 1781)
1721 John McKinly American physician (d. 1796)
1723 Louis-Pierre Anquetil French historian (d. 1808)
1728 Tsar Peter III of Russia husband of Catherine the Great (d. 1762)
1783 Princess Catharina of Wrttemberg Queen consort of Westphalia (d. 1835)
1791 Carl Czerny Austrian composer (d. 1857)
1794 Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Mexican president (d. 1876)
1801 John Henry Newman English Catholic cardinal (d. 1890)
1817 Jose Zorrilla y Moral Spanish dramatist (d. 1893)
1821 Charles Scribner American publisher (d. 1871)
1836 Leo Delibes French composer (d. 1891)
1844 Charles-Marie Widor French composer (d. 1937)
1860 Karel Matej Capek-Chod Czech journalist (d. 1927)
1860 Goscombe John Welsh sculptor (d. 1952)
1865 John Haden Badley English school founder (d. 1967)
1867 Otto Hermann Kahn German millionaire (d. 1934)
1875 Jeanne Calment French supercentenarian and longest-lived human on record (d. 1997)
1876 Pyotr Konchalovsky Russian painter (d. 1956)
1878 The Mother Indian spiritual leader (d. 1973)
1880 Waldemar Bonsels German writer (d. 1952)
1885 Sacha Guitry Russian dramatist (d. 1957)
1888 Clemence Dane British novelist and playwright (d. 1965)
1893 Celia Lovsky Russian-born actress (d. 1979)
1893 Andres Segovia Spanish guitarist (d. 1987)
1895 Carl Peter Henrik Dam Danish biochemist Nobel laureate (d. 1976)
1900 Madeleine Renaud French theater actress (d. 1994)
1903 Fairfax M. Cone American advertising executive (d. 1977)
1903 Ana?s Nin French diarist (d. 1977)
1903 Raymond Queneau French poet and novelist (d. 1976)
1907 W. H. Auden English poet (d. 1973)
1909 Hans Erni Swiss painter
1910 Douglas Bader British pilot (d. 1982)
1910 Carmine Galante American gangster (d. 1979)
1910 Eddie Waring British sports commentator (d. 1986)
1913 Roger Laurent Belgian racing driver (d. 1997)
1914 Ilmari Juutilainen Finnish fighter pilot (d. 1999)
1915 Ann Sheridan American actress (d. 1967)
1917 Lucille Bremer American actress (d. 1996)
1921 John Rawls American philosopher (d. 2002)
1924 Robert Mugabe Prime Minister of Zimbabwe 1980-1987; President of Zimbabwe 1987-present
1925 Sam Peckinpah American director (d. 1984)
1927 Erma Bombeck American humorist (d. 1996)
1927 Hubert de Givenchy French fashion designer
1927 Pierre Mercure French-Canadian musician and composer (d. 1966)
1929 "Roberto ""Chespirito"" Gmez Bolanos" Mexican actor
1929 James Beck English actor (d. 1973)
1933 Nina Simone American singer (d. 2003)
1934 Rue McClanahan American actress (d. 2010)
1935 Mark McManus Scottish actor (d. 1994)
1935 Jean Pelletier French Canadian political operative
1936 Barbara Jordan American politician (d. 1996)
1937 Gary Lockwood American actor
1940 Peter Gethin British racing driver
1940 John Lewis American politician and civil rights activist
1941 James Wong Hong Kong composer (d. 2004)
1942 Margarethe von Trotta German actress and film director
1943 David Geffen American record producer
1945 Paul Newton British musician
1945 D'Anna Fortunato American mezzo-soprano
1945 Walter Momper German politician
1946 Tyne Daly American actress
1946 Anthony Daniels British actor
1946 Alan Rickman English actor
1946 Bob Ryan Boston sports columnist
1946 Vito Rizzuto Sicilian-born alleged Mafia boss
1947 Johnny Echols American musician
1947 Olympia Snowe American politician
1947 Victor Sokolov Russian journalist (d. 2006)
1949 Jerry Harrison American musician
1949 Ronnie Hellstrom Swedish footballer
1951 Wolfgang Frank German footballer
1951 Vince Welnick American musician (The Grateful Dead) (d. 2006)
1952 Jean Jacques Burnel British musician
1953 Christine Ebersole American actress
1953 William Petersen American actor
1954 Mike Pickering English disc jockey and musician
1954 Ivo Van Damme Belgian athlete (d. 1976)
1955 Kelsey Grammer American actor
1958 Jake Burns Irish singer
1958 Mary Chapin Carpenter American singer
1958 Jack Coleman American actor
1958 Alan Trammell baseball player and manager
1959 Jose Maria Cano Spanish musician
1959 Emmett McAuliffe American radio show host and lawyer
1960 Laurent Petitguillaume French radio and television host
1960 Steve Wynn American singer
1961 Christopher Atkins American actor
1961 Martha Hackett American actress
1961 Bertha Faye American wrestler (d. 2001)
1962 Vanessa Feltz British television presenter
1962 Chuck Palahniuk American writer
1962 David Foster Wallace American writer (d. 2008)
1963 William Baldwin American actor
1964 Mark E. Kelly and Scott J. Kelly American astronauts
1964 Jane Tomlinson British cancer campaigner (d. 2007)
1964 Huw Higginson British actor
1967 Leroy Burrell American runner
1969 James Dean Bradfield Welsh musician
1969 Corey Harris American musician
1969 Aunjanue Ellis American actress
1969 Tony Meola American footballer
1969 Eric Wilson American musician
1970 Michael Slater Australian cricketer
1970 Fat Pat American rapper (Screwed Up Click) (d. 1998)
1971 Randy Blythe American musician
1972 Seo Taiji Korean musician
1973 Heri Joensen Faroese musician
1973 Justin Sane American punk musician
1973 Bowie Tsang Taiwanese singer and TV host
1973 Jacob M. Appel American bioethicist
1974 Ivan Campo Spanish footballer
1974 Roberto Heras Spanish cyclist
1975 Wish Bone American rapper (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
1976 Ryan Smyth Canadian hockey player
1977 Steve Francis American basketball player
1977 Chad Hutchinson baseball and football player
1977 Owen King American writer and journalist
1977 Kevin Rose American television host and Internet entrepreneur
1978 Park Eun-hye South Korean actress
1978 Kim Ha Neul South Korean actress
1978 Nicole Parker American actress
1979 Pascal Chimbonda French footballer
1979 "Carly ""Carlito"" Coln" Puerto Rican professional wrestler
1979 Lonnie Ford American football player
1979 Jennifer Love Hewitt American actress
1980 Brad Fast Canadian ice hockey player
1980 Jim Vandermeer Canadian ice hockey player
1980 Parthiva Sureshwaren Indian racing driver
1980 Tiziano Ferro Italian singer
1980 Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck 5th king of Bhutan
1981 Jun Kaname Japanese actor
1982 Bernhard Auinger Austrian racing driver
1982 Chantal Claret American musician
1983 Braylon Edwards American football player
1983 Franklin Gutierrez Venezuelan baseball player
1983 Melanie Laurent French actress and director
1984 Andrew Ellis New Zealand All Black rugby union player
1984 David Odonkor German footballer
1984 Marco Paoloni Italian footballer
1984 Karina Japanese model and actress
1985 Jarrod Atkinson Australian rules footballer
1985 Bob Burton American speedcuber
1985 Georgios Samaras Greek footballer
1985 Jamaal Westerman Canadian football player
1985 Simon Cusden English cricketer
1986 Charlotte Church Welsh singer
1986 Prince Amedeo of Belgium Archduke of Austria-Este
1987 Ellen Page Canadian actress
1987 Enrique David Mateo Brazilian footballer
1987 Ashley Greene American model and actress
1988 Matthias de Zordo German javelin thrower
1989 Corbin Bleu American actor and singer
1989 Kristin Herrera American actress
1989 Scout Taylor-Compton American actress
1989 Josh Walker English footballer