February 18 Birthdays :186 Famous People Birthdays on 18 February

Julez Santana Birthday (February 18th)

  Julez Santana Famous as: Rapper Birth Name: LaRon Louis James Birth Date: February 18, 1983 Birth Place: Harlem, New York, USA Spouse: Familia Blaise (Haitian princess) Claim to fame: Single "There It Go (The Whistle Song)" (2005) LaRon Louis James, well known through his ....

February 18 Birthday Wishes

February 18 Birthday Wishes

If you can stay young while all those around you are getting older‚ you have become a pretty good liar. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday !! :D I have a feeling this year’s gonna be your best yet.

February 18Birthday Quotes

'To give somebody your time is the biggest gift you can give.'

Franka Potente

'Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.'

Psalms 37:4

People Born on February 18

Year Name
1374 Saint Jadwiga of Poland queen of Poland (d. 1399)
1404 Leone Battista Alberti Italian painter and philosopher (d. 1472)
1486 Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Bengali yogi (d. 1534)
1530 Uesugi Kenshin Japanese samurai and warlord (d. 1578)
1543 Charles III Duke of Lorraine (d. 1608)
1559 Isaac Casaubon French classical scholar (d. 1614)
1602 Per Brahe Swedish soldier (d. 1680)
1609 Edward Hyde 1st Earl of Clarendon‚ English historian (d. 1674)
1635 Johan Goransson Gyllenstierna Swedish statesman (d. 1680)
1642 Marie Champmesle French actress (d. 1698)
1658 Charles-Irenee Castel de Saint-Pierre French writer (d. 1743)
1745 Alessandro Volta Italian physicist (d. 1827)
1814 Samuel Fenton Cary American-born U. S. Congressman (d. 1900)
1818 Pedro Figueredo Cuban poet‚ musician & revolutionary (d. 1870)
1836 Sri Ramakrishna Indian Bengali guru of Swami Vivekananda (d. 1886)
1838 Ernst Mach Austrian physicist (d. 1916)
1846 Wilson Barrett English playwright (d. 1904)
1848 Louis Comfort Tiffany American glass artist (d. 1933)
1849 Alexander Kielland Norwegian author (d. 1906)
1859 Sholom Aleichem Russian Yiddish humorist (d. 1916)
1870 William Laurel Harris American mural painter and writer (d. 1924)
1871 Harry Brearley English inventor (d. 1948)
1883 Nikos Kazantzakis Greek author (d. 1957)
1883 Madan Lal Dhingra Indian Revolutionary (d. 1909)
1884 Andrew Watson Myles Canadian politician (d. 1970)
1890 Edward Arnold American actor (d. 1956)
1890 Adolphe Menjou American actor (d. 1963)
1892 Wendell Willkie American politician (d. 1944)
1896 Andre Breton French writer (d. 1966)
1897 Charles Kuentz German-born French WW1 veteran and centenarian (d. 2005)
1898 Luis Munoz Marin Puerto Rican poet (d. 1980)
1898 Enzo Ferrari founder of Ferrari (d. 1988)
1901 Reginald Sheffield British actor (d. 1957)
1902 Walter Herbert German-born conductor and impresario (d. 1975)
1903 Nikolai Podgorny Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (d. 1983)
1905 Queenie Leonard American actress (d. 2002)
1906 Hans Asperger Austrian pediatrician (d. 1980)
1907 Oscar Brodney American screenwriter (d. 2008)
1909 Tuppy Owen-Smith South African cricketer and English rugby union player (d. 1990)
1909 Wallace Stegner American writer (d. 1993)
1914 Pee Wee King American country musician and songwriter (d. 2000)
1915 Phyllis Calvert British actress (d. 2002)
1916 Jean Drapeau Canadian politician (d. 1999)
1918 Jane Loevinger American psychologist (d. 2008)
1919 Jack Palance American actor (d. 2006)
1920 Bill Cullen American game show host (d. 1990)
1920 Eric Gairy Grenadan politician (d. 1997)
1922 Helen Gurley Brown American editor
1922 Allan Melvin American actor (d. 2008)
1922 Juhan Smuul Estonian author (d. 1971)
1922 Joe Tipton American baseball player (d. 1994)
1924 Humberto Fernandez Moran Venezuelan scientist (d. 1999)
1924 Louis Laberge Canadian labour union leader (d. 2002)
1924 Nicolo Rizzuto Sicilian-born Canadian organized crime figure (d. 2010)
1925 George Kennedy American actor
1925 Marcel Barbeau Canadian artist
1926 Wallace Berman American artist
1926 Nalini Jaywant Indian actress
1927 John Warner American politician
1927 Luis Arroyo Puerto Rican baseball player
1928 Tom Johnson Canadian ice hockey player
1929 Len Deighton British author
1929 Andre Mathieu Canadian composer (d. 1968)
1930 Gahan Wilson American cartoonist
1931 Johnny Hart American cartoonist (d. 2007)
1931 Toni Morrison American writer‚ Nobel laureate
1931 Bob St. Clair American football player
1932 Milos Forman Czech film director
1933 Yoko Ono Japanese-born American singer and performance artist
1933 Sir Bobby Robson English football player and manager (d. 2009)
1933 Mary Ure Scottish actress (d. 1975)
1934 Audre Lorde Caribbean poet and activist (d. 1992)
1935 Michel Aoun Lebanese prime minister
1936 Jean Auel American writer
1936 Dick Duff Canadian ice hockey player
1938 Istvan Szab Hungarian film director
1938 Manny Mota Dominican baseball player
1938 Sadanoyama Shinmatsu Japanese sumo wrestler
1939 Dal Maxvill American baseball player
1939 Marek Janowski Polish-born conductor
1939 Claude Ake Nigerian political scientist
1940 Fabrizio De Andre Italian singer-songwriter (d. 1999)
1941 Irma Thomas American singer
1943 Graeme Garden Scottish writer
1944 Pat Bowlen American sports team owner (Denver Broncos)
1945 Judy Rankin American golfer
1946 Michael Buerk British newsreader
1946 Jean-Claude Dreyfus French actor
1947 Dennis DeYoung American musician (Styx)
1947 Carlos Lopes Portuguese athlete
1947 Eliot Lance Engel American politician
1948 Georg Brunnhuber German politician
1948 Sinead Cusack Irish actress
1948 Keith Knudsen American drummer and songwriter (The Doobie Brothers) (d. 2005)
1949 Gary Ridgway American convicted serial killer
1950 John Hughes American film director (d. 2009)
1950 Cybill Shepherd American actress
1950 Michel Gauthier Canadian politician
1951 Isabel Preysler Philippines-born Spanish socialite
1952 Maurice Lucas American basketball player (d. 2010)
1952 Juice Newton American singer
1953 Robbie Bachman Canadian drummer (Bachman?Turner Overdrive)
1954 John Travolta American actor
1955 Miles Tredinnick English playwright
1955 Raymond Rougeau Canadian wrestler
1956 Ted Gardestad Swedish singer (d. 1997)
1956 Paul Reed Smith American luthier
1957 Marita Koch German athlete
1957 Vanna White American game show presenter
1958 Giovanni Lavaggi Italian racing driver
1958 Gar Samuelson American drummer (d. 1999)
1958 Lucie Visser Dutch actress and model
1960 Carol McGiffin British TV and radio presenter
1960 Greta Scacchi Australian actress
1960 Andy Moog Canadian ice hockey player
1961 Hironobu Kageyama Japanese singer
1961 Cosmo Wilson American concert lighting designer
1962 Moe Lemay Canadian ice hockey player
1962 Julie Strain American actress
1963 Henry Winter English football journalist
1964 Matt Dillon American actor
1964 Paul Hanley British musician
1965 Dr. Dre American record producer and rapper
1965 Gregory Scott Johnson American murderer (d. 2005)
1966 Guy Ferland American television director
1967 Tony Anselmo American animator
1967 Marco Aurelio Brazilian footballer
1967 Roberto Baggio Italian footballer
1967 Tracey Edmonds American film and television producer
1967 Harry Van Barneveld Belgian judoka
1967 Yongyoot Thongkongtoon Thai film director and producer
1968 Molly Ringwald American actress
1969 Toma? Humar Slovenian mountaineer (d. 2009)
1969 Alexander Mogilny Russian ice hockey player
1969 Jason Sutter American drummer
1970 Raine Maida Canadian musician
1970 Susan Egan American actress
1970 Andy Williams British musician
1970 Jez Williams British musician
1971 Constantin Popa Romanian-born Israeli basketball player
1971 Merritt Gant American thrash metal guitarist
1973 Claude Makelele French footballer
1974 Jamey Carroll American baseball player
1974 Julia Butterfly Hill American environmental activist
1974 Ruby Dhalla Canadian politician
1974 Yevgeny Kafelnikov Russian tennis player
1974 Jillian Michaels American fitness trainer
1975 Sarah Brown American actress
1975 Keith Gillespie Irish footballer
1975 Gary Neville English footballer
1975 Simon Kvamm Danish singer and comedian
1976 Chanda Rubin American tennis player
1976 Leilani Munter American race car driver
1977 Ike Barinholtz American actor
1977 Katia Brazilian footballer
1977 Sean Watkins American guitarist and songwriter
1977 Chrissie Wellington British triathlete
1978 Oliver Pocher German comedian
1978 Josip simunic Croatian footballer
1980 Nikolai Antropov Kazakh ice hockey player
1980 Regina Spektor Russian/American singer and songwriter
1981 Andrei Kirilenko Russian basketball player
1981 Alex Rios American baseball player
1981 Ivan Sproule Irish footballer
1981 Larry Sweeney American professional wrestler
1981 Kim Jae Won South Korean actor
1982 Juelz Santana American rapper
1983 Jermaine Jenas English footballer
1983 Jason Maxiell American basketball player
1983 Maruthy Yellapragada Indian Automotive Engineer
1983 Troy Bienemann American football player
1984 Kathrin Worle German tennis player
1985 Anton Ferdinand English footballer
1985 Chelsea Hobbs American actress
1985 Lee Boyd Malvo Jamaican-born American convicted spree killer
1986 Marc Torrejn Spanish footballer
1988 Shane Lyons American actor and chef
1988 Maiara Walsh American actress
1988 Max South Korean singer
1989 Vicente Brazilian footballer
1990 Cody Hodgson Canadian hockey player
1990 Park Shin Hye South Korean actress
1991 Malese Jow American actress and singer
1991 Sebastian Neumann German footballer
1991 Henry Surtees British racing driver (d. 2009)
1992 Logan Miller American actor