February 17 Birthdays :168 Famous People Birthdays on 17 February

Paris Hilton Birthday (February 17th)

Paris Whitney Hilton an American television personality, socialite, celebutante, actress, businesswoman, heiress, model, singer and author. Paris Hilton is famous for her appearance in sex tape in 2003, and Paris Hilton look on TV series The Simple Life, Paris Hilton numerous minor movie roles (....

February 17 Birthday Wishes

February 17 Birthday Wishes

I’m so glad you were born!! If not how could I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

HAPPY B-DAY!!! Have a lot of fun today with your family and your friends! Enjoy your Birthdaycake :)

February 17Birthday Quotes

'To me - old age is always ten years older than I am.'

Bernard Baruch

'When you turn thirty‚ a whole new thing happens: you see yourself acting like you parents.'

Blair Sabol

People Born on February 17

Year Name
1519 Francis Duke of Guise (d. 1563)
1524 Charles of Guise French cardinal (d. 1574)
1581 Fausto Poli Italian Catholic priest (d. 1653)
1646 Pierre Le Pesant sieur de Boisguilbert (d. 1714)
1653 Arcangelo Corelli Italian composer (d. 1713)
1718 Matthew Tilghman American Continental Congressman (d. 1790)
1723 Tobias Mayer German astronomer (d. 1762)
1752 Friedrich Maximilian Klinger German writer (d. 1831)
1754 Nicolas Baudin French explorer (d. 1803)
1781 Rene Laennec French physician (d. 1826)
1792 Karl Ernst von Baer German biologist (d. 1876)
1796 Philipp Franz von Siebold German physician (d. 1866)
1816 Haller Nutt Southern Plantation owner (d. 1864)
1820 Elzear-Alexandre Taschereau Catholic cardinal (d. 1898)
1820 Henri Vieuxtemps Belgian composer (d. 1881)
1821 Lola Montez Irish dancer (d. 1861)
1836 Gustavo Adolfo Becquer Spanish poet (d. 1870)
1844 Aaron Montgomery Ward American department store founder (d. 1913)
1848 Louisa Lawson Australian suffragist and writer (d. 1920)
1848 Albert Gustaf Dahlman Swedish executioner (d. 1920)
1854 Friedrich Alfred Krupp German industrialist (d. 1902)
1861 Princess Helena Duchess of Albany (d. 1922)
1862 Mori Ogai Japanese novelist and poet (d. 1922)
1863 Fyodor Sologub Russian symbolist novelist and poet (d. 1927)
1864 Jozef Murgas Slovak inventor (d. 1929)
1864 Banjo Paterson Australian poet (d. 1941)
1874 Thomas J. Watson American computer manufacturer (d. 1956)
1877 Isabelle Eberhardt Swiss explorer and writer (d. 1904)
1877 Andre Maginot French politician (d. 1932)
1877 Isidora Sekulic Serbian prose writer (d. 1958)
1885 Steve Evans American baseball player (d. 1943)
1887 Leevi Madetoja Finnish composer (d. 1947)
1888 Otto Stern German physicist‚ Nobel Prize Laureate (d. 1969)
1890 Sir Ronald Fisher Statistician and Geneticist (d. 1962)
1891 Abraham Fraenkel German-born Israeli mathematician and recipient of the Israel Prize (d. 1965)
1893 Wally Pipp American baseball player (d. 1965)
1903 Sadegh Hedayat Iranian writer (d. 1951)
1904 Hans Morgenthau German political philosopher (d. 1980)
1908 Red Barber American baseball announcer (d. 1992)
1908 Bo Yibo Chinese politician (d. 2005)
1910 Arthur Hunnicutt American actor (d. 1979)
1910 Marc Lawrence American actor (d. 2005)
1911 Oskar Seidlin Silesian-born American literary scholar (d. 1984)
1911 Orrin Tucker American bandleader and composer
1912 Andre Norton American author (d. 2005)
1914 Arthur Kennedy American actor (d. 1990)
1914 Wayne Morris American actor (d. 1959)
1916 Raf Vallone Italian actor (d. 2002)
1916 Alexander Obolensky Russian prince and Rugby Union footballer (d. 1940)
1917 Abdur Rahman Badawi Egyptian philosopher (d. 2002)
1917 Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena Mexican inventor (d. 1965)
1919 Kathleen Freeman American actress (d. 2001)
1920 Ivo Caprino Norwegian animated film director (d. 2001)
1922 Enrico Banducci American nightclub owner (d. 2007)
1922 Tommy Edwards American singer (d. 1969)
1922 Valentino Mazzia American forensic anesthesiologist (d. 1999)
1924 Margaret Truman American novelist (d. 2008)
1925 Ron Goodwin English composer and conductor (d. 2003)
1925 Hal Holbrook American actor
1928 Marta Romero Puerto Rican actress & singer
1929 Paul Meger Canadian ice hockey player
1929 Chaim Potok American author (d. 2002)
1929 Patricia Routledge English actress
1930 Roger Craig American baseball player and manager
1930 Ruth Rendell English writer
1933 Bobby Lewis American singer
1933 Craig L. Thomas American politician (d. 2007)
1934 Alan Bates English actor (d. 2003)
1934 Barry Humphries Australian actor and comedian
1935 Christina Pickles UK-born American actress
1936 Jim Brown American football player
1938 Buck Trent American banjo player
1938 Martha Henry American-born Canadian actress
1939 John Leyton British singer
1939 Mary Ann Mobley American actress and beauty queen
1940 Gene Pitney American singer (d. 2006)
1941 Julia McKenzie English actress and theatre director
1942 Huey P. Newton American political activist (d. 1989)
1943 Costas Azariadis Greek macroeconomist
1944 Karl Jenkins Welsh composer
1945 Zina Bethune American actress
1945 Brenda Fricker Irish actress
1946 Dodie Stevens American singer
1948 Jose Jose Mexican singer and actor
1948 Rick Majerus American basketball coach
1948 Don Scardino American television director and actor
1949 Fred Frith English musician and composer
1951 Rashid Minhas Pilot officer in Pakistan Air Force during Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 (d. 1971)
1952 Karin Janz East German gymnast
1953 Norman Pace British actor and comic
1954 Rene Russo American actress
1955 Mo Yan Chinese novelist
1956 Richard Karn American actor
1957 Loreena McKennitt Canadian musician
1959 Aryeh Deri Israeli rabbi and politician
1959 Neil Lomax American football player
1959 Rowdy Gaines American swimmer
1962 Samuel Bayer American music video director
1962 "Tyrone ""Ty"" Jones" American screenwriter
1962 David McComb Australian musician (d. 1999)
1962 Lou Diamond Phillips American actor
1963 Alison Hargreaves British mountaineer (d. 1995)
1963 Jen-Hsun Huang American entrepreneur and businessman
1963 Michael Jordan American basketball player
1963 Larry the Cable Guy American comedian and actor
1963 Rene Syler American journalist
1964 Buster Olney American sports columnist
1965 Michael Bay American film director
1966 Michael Lepond American musician
1966 Quorthon Swedish musician (d. 2004)
1966 Luc Robitaille Canadian ice hockey player
1967 Chante Moore American singer
1968 Bryan Cox American football player
1969 David Douillet French judoka
1969 Tuesday Knight American actress
1969 Willi Kronhardt German footballer
1970 Tommy Moe American Olympic skier
1970 Dominic Purcell English-born actor
1971 Martyn Bennett Canadian composer (d. 2005)
1971 Jeremy Edwards British actor
1971 Denise Richards American actress
1971 SaRenna Lee American pornographic actress
1972 Billie Joe Armstrong American musician
1972 LG Petrov Swedish singer
1972 Philippe Candeloro French figure skater
1972 Taylor Hawkins American musician
1972 Ralphie May American comedian
1972 Valeria Mazza Argentinian model
1972 Yuki Isoya Japanese singer
1973 Drew Barry American basketball player
1973 Raphael Ibanez French rugby union footballer
1974 Kaoru Japanese musician
1974 Jerry O'Connell American actor
1974 Bryan White American singer
1975 Harisu South Korean singer‚ model and actress
1975 Todd Harvey Canadian ice hockey player
1975 Vaclav Prospal Czech ice hockey player
1976 Kelly Carlson American actress
1976 Scott Williamson American baseball player
1976 William Roussel French musician
1977 Wong Choong Hann Malaysian Badminton player
1978 Jacob Wetterling American kidnapping victim
1979 Dee Puerto Rican pornographic actress
1979 Josh Willingham American baseball player
1980 Al Harrington American basketball player
1980 Klemi Saban Israeli footballer
1980 Jason Ritter American actor
1981 Joseph Gordon-Levitt American actor
1981 Paris Hilton American actress and heiress
1982 Adriano Brazilian footballer
1982 Brian Bruney American baseball player
1982 Steven Pienaar South African footballer
1983 Gerald Cid French footballer
1983 Marios Kaperonis Greek boxer
1983 Kevin Rudolf American Singer-Songwriter
1984 Jimmy Jacobs American professional wrestler
1984 Kenta Kamakari Japanese actor and seiyuu
1984 AB de Villiers South African cricketer
1984 Sadha South Indian film actress
1985 Anne Curtis Filipino actress and commercial model
1985 Anders Jacobsen Norwegian skijumper
1986 Joey O'Brien Irish footballer
1988 Natascha Kampusch Austrian kidnapping victim
1989 Rebecca Adlington British swimmer
1991 Bonnie Wright British actress
1992 Meaghan Jette Martin American actress and singer
1993 Philip Wiegratz German Actor
1996 Sasha Pieterse South African-born American actress