Famous July Events 2017

July occupies the seventh position among the twelve months of a year. It was named after Julius Caesar, the most famous general in the history of the Roman Empire. It is one of the warmest months in the northern hemisphere and the coldest in most parts of the southern hemisphere. It ushers in monsoon to the tropics.

July events usually focus on travelers residing in the northern hemisphere and enjoying their summer break. July is also the month for summer schools and camps and events related to these activities dot the calendar.

In the USA, July is a month for many national events, including the Independence Day. Gourmet food weeks and days are celebrated with great enthusiasm, especially by the younger lot who are out enjoying their summer break.

The sultry hot weather characteristic of summer, otherwise known as dog days, begins in the month of July in the northern hemisphere. This is also the time of the year when lambs born during late winter and spring are brought out for selling and such events mark the rural scene.

July is a month to thank parents. People with Cancer and Leo as their sun signs celebrate their birthday during this month. The month is marked by several holy observances, especially in the eastern countries.

Monthly Events Observed in July