Famous January Events 2017

January is the first month of the year and heralds the beginning of a fresh start. Right from day one, the month is packed with many events to welcome the New Year. The first day of this month is celebrated as the New Year Day with big ticket events organized all around the world.

The Chinese and the Japanese also celebrate their respective New Year Day during this month. World over, a number of events are organized to mark many important days that occur during the month. From human rights activists to the visually disabled, there is an event for everyone.

Events in January can be classified as National and International. Updates for January events can be obtained from dedicated websites.

Countries like the USA have weekly observances too. There are also daily observances to help motivate and inculcate good habits - for instance, the Clean off Your Desk Day. Pick your event and pin it up on your January events calendar.

Monthly Observed Events in January


Weekly Observed Events in January