Famous February Birthdays

February being the shortest month of the year and so called “Little Month”. The month was named from a Latin word februum which means purification and the month was added to the Roman calendar in 713 BC. The days in the month were not stable and sometimes it falls to 23 days. When Julius Caesar remade the calendar and made it to a count of 28 days followed by a leap year for every four years with 29 days. Considered to be the last month which was added to the roman calendar. The Super Bowl, which is being the largest sporting event of the year is held in February. As the month being the last and third of the winter before the spring, Saxon term this month as “Cake month” as they offered cakes to Gods during this month. The month being so special for the people who are in love and celebrate Valentine’s day all around the world on 14th of February every year. Zodiac signs that move through this month are Aquarius and Pisces.

Michael C. Hall Michael C. Hall February 1st Birthdays
Shakira Shakira February 2nd Birthdays
Sean Kingston Sean Kingston February 3rd Birthdays
Ram Baran Yadav Jay Ram Baran Yadav Jay Gavin DeGraw Gavin DeGraw February 4th Birthdays
Errol Morris Errol Morris Bobby Brown Bobby Brown February 5th Birthdays
Axl Rose Axl Rose Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan February 6th Birthdays
Seth Green Seth Green John Ruskin John Ruskin February 8th Birthdays
Charlie Day Charlie Day February 9th Birthdays
Alexander Payne Alexander Payne Emma Roberts Emma Roberts Jim Cramer Jim Cramer February 10th Birthdays
Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow Sarah Palin Sarah Palin D'Angelo D'Angelo February 11th Birthdays
Christina Ricci Christina Ricci Arlen Specter Arlen Specter Gucci Mane Gucci Mane February 12th Birthdays
Sarojini Naidu Sarojini Naidu Kelly Hu Kelly Hu February 13th Birthdays
Robert Thomas Robert Thomas February 14th Birthdays
Samira Makhmalbaf Samira Makhmalbaf Conor Oberst Conor Oberst February 15th Birthdays
Sarah Clarke Sarah Clarke February 16th Birthdays
Michael Bay Michael Bay Paris Hilton Paris Hilton February 17th Birthdays
Julez Santana Julez Santana February 18th Birthdays
Jeff Daniels Jeff Daniels February 19th Birthdays
Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain February 20th Birthdays
Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt February 21st Birthdays
George Washington George Washington Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore February 22nd Birthdays
Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning February 23rd Birthdays
Steven Jobs Steven Jobs John Nolan John Nolan February 24th Birthdays
Sean Astin Sean Astin February 25th Birthdays
Erykah Badu Erykah Badu Victor Hugo Victor Hugo Ariel Sharon Ariel Sharon February 26th Birthdays
Josh Groban Josh Groban February 27th Birthdays
John Turturro John Turturro February 28th Birthdays