Family Day Activities & Celebrations

Family Day or Family and Community Day is a public holiday commemorated by quite a lot of countries and in three Canadian states. Employees are provided with the holiday, and government owned companies are shut. Further companies that are privately owned can continue its operations depending upon the regions in which the day is observed. At present, South Africa, Australian Capital Territory, and the Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan states in Canada observe Family Day.

Origin and Importance

Family Day is observed in the states of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan (all of them in Canada) on the third Monday of February. This public holiday observe the significance of families and family life to nation and their societies. It is believed to mirror the principles of relatives and home that were imperative to the initiators who established Alberta, and provided employees with the chance to squander more time with their families and folks. One of the many causes for setting up Family Day observations was that there was an elongated time gap when there were no public holidays from New Year's Day and Good Friday.

Family Day was initially commemorated by Alberta in 1990. The head of state of Alberta at the point of time, Mr. Don Getty, gave an opinion to Lieutenant Governor Helen Hunley to state publicly the third Monday of February as Family Day; a date to help and give an emphasis to the significance of family.

Subsequent to Alberta was Saskatchewan; and their first Family Day was celebrated on February 19, 2007. Next was Ontario and it observed the first Family Day by 2008.

This recently created February public holiday has adopted a singular name in some of Canada's other states. Manitoba shaped it up as Louis Riel Day for February 2008 in tribute of the Metis chief who was significant in the formation of Manitoba as a separate state. To end with, at the present there is Islander Day in Prince Edward Island which was first notable in 2009.

Family Day Activities

A good number of workers, whether public or private, are allowed to take legal holiday offs with usual compensations. A few companies stay open on holidays, for example medical hospitals and several stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

On family day, people use up their time spending it with family and having fun. They join in various activities and prepare to draw closer to the whole family members. They hangout together and can visit art exhibitions, skating on open-air ice rinks, watching movies, have fun in playing various board games and involving in craft activities. They sometimes also visit other relatives and have a grand diner head at some cool place !!

Besides, many communities organize activities like races, fests and music competitions.

The main activities which one can do on family day are as follows

Health Check up camps

Various health check up camps are organized in various places of the city and they provide treatment at the cheap and subsidized rates to the suffering patient.

Face Painting

Face painting is really cool and it is an extremely well liked activity amongst a lot of people. Face painting is liked and accepted by people form kids to youth to older adults.
So paint your face this family day and have the gala time !!

Rock Show

Music has the ability to reach the soul. It has a very powerful impact on the spirits. Some music can calm us down; some music can make us wild! One can even catch a music or a rock show along with the family as it provides an ample chance for the individuals to come along as a family

Go Skating

One may join the action in the nearest skating rink. It can be a fun, specially when one have a holiday and ample time to enjoy with family.

Visit a theme Park

Visiting a theme park can be a fun packed day out for the whole family. There is lots of fun stuff to do in a theme park including horse riding, dry ski slope, toboggan run, train ride, pitch and putt, adventure playground, picnic areas and walks. Not only kids and toddlers but the adults shall also enjoy the day.


People often visit other families and they all have a grand dinner together. Such dinners increase social bonds among the family members as well as among the society as a whole.

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Family Day Quotes Family Day Dates Family Day Recipes
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Family Day Global Family Day National Stepfamily Day
Family Day Activities & Celebrations