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  • International Anti Corruption Day 2016

    In October 31, 2003, The United Nations Assembly, declared the 9th of December to be celebrated as World Anti Corruption Day each year. The first annu....

  • Human Rights Day 2016

    Human Rights Day 2015 themes is "Our Rights Our Freedoms Alway", 2014 themes is "Celebrating 20 years of changing lives through Hu....

Human Rights Day 2016

Human Rights Day 2015 themes is "Our Rights Our Freedoms Alway", 2014 themes ...

International Mountain Day 2016

This year's theme is Mountain Cultures: celebrating diversity and strengthening identity. 20...

World Choral Day 2016

World Choral Day Theme 2016 is " Integration" ,2015 is " Integration" an...

World Violin Day 2016

When is World Violin Day? World Violin day is celebrated on 13th of December every year. J...

International Migrants Day 2016

What is Migration? Our world is replete with diversities! For many people across the world ...

History of Happy Christmas Celebrations 2016

History Behind the Christmas Festival Christmas as a festival is really famous for the cel...

Boxing Day 2016

The Boxing Day is celebrated as a public holiday or bank holiday in Australia, New Zealand, ...

New Years Eve 2016

New Years Eve is celebrated on 31st December, every year. New Years Eve is the day before ...