Esthetician Exam

What is Esthetician Exam?

In order to become a professional Esthetician, it is necessary to pass the Esthetician Exam. The content of the exam varies according to the practices of each state. The Esthetician exam has 2 parts- a written exam and a practical exam. Both will be on the same day. Candidates will have to bring equipments and models for the practical exam.

Eligibility/ Qualification

Candidates should have at least a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for the exam. It will be good if the candidate completes as an accredited cosmetology school that includes courses in skin treatments, massage techniques, skin health, anatomy and physiology, skin diseases, reflexology, health and nutrition.


Candidates having a basic knowledge of the following topics can easily crack the Esthetician exam. The topics cover Sanitation, Skin disorders & Diseases, Anatomy, Cosmetic Chemistry, Effects of Smoking on the skin, Sensory nerves vs. Motor nerves, Forms of hyper & hypo pigmentation, Layers of the skin, 10 Body Systems, Highlighting vs. Contouring, Sensitive vs. Sensitized, Skin Cancers, Special considerations for Ethnic Skin, Contraindications for Chemical Peels, Viruses and bacteria, Derivatives of enzymes, High Frequency and Galvanic, Facial bones, Functions of the Skin and Wax Application.

In the practical exam, the examiner will be assessing the candidate’s ability to do the specific Esthetician operations such as,

  • Facial (plain, cleansing scrub, or dermal light)
  • Application of makeup.
  • Eyebrow arch including manual and hot wax.
  • Application of artificial eyelashes (individual and strip type)

The examiner will be assessing the candidate based on demonstration of proper disinfection and sanitation techniques, client protection and safety, set-up of necessary equipment, materials, and supplies, preparation of model and ability to perform basic skills.


In order to qualify the Esthetician exam, Candidates should score at least 225 out of 300 in the practical test and 70 out of 100 in the written test.

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