Essaouira Gnaoua 2016

2016 Essaouira Gnaoua – A Perfect Destination for Music Lovers

The Essaouira Gnaoua music festival is one of the major events held in a Essaouira, Morocco where the performances are based on the union of sub-Saharan African, Berber and Islamic religious songs and rhythms. A picturesque port painted in blue and white, Essaouira is an ideal resort and perfect destination for travelers to loosen up and enjoy the mesmerizing plus vibrant Gnaoua rhythms of drums and music. The performance at Essaouira Gnaoua festival is the combination of instruments, music and acrobats of African magic mixed with Islamic rituals presented by worldwide artists.

Overview of Essaouira Gnaoua:

  • Generally held on the second week of June, this annual event of Essaouira Gnaoua was first organized in the year1998. Later it has grown extensively to become a renowned music festival attracting thousands of people from worldwide countries. The influence of Haitian Voodoo and Brazilian Candomblé on the Gwana music is clearly visible to the spectators while artists perform on various stages around this beautiful beach destination.
  • During these four days of Essaouira Gnaoua music festival the city heats up with performers including best local and international musicians of various genres as well as players of jazz, pop, rock, and contemporary music. Many of these concerts are absolutely free to the visitors and take place on stages in the main square and on the beach area.

Performances at Essaouira Gnaoua Music Festival:

  • Best known for their tasseled hats, the people of Gnaoua are famous for extreme performances and fusion of best musical elements such as African roots of music, rock, reggae, Brazilian and Afro-Cuba. Many music and art lovers come here to witness this amazing Essaouira Gnaoua festival where world famous musicians create original fusions on stage and share their musical cultures.
  • During the festival performances, a Gnaoua master lead the music and dancing artists and invite a jazz musician, pop, reggae or rock, as these artists merge their music and instruments to create intense and vibrant music mixture.

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