Emanuel Swedenborg Biography

Emanuel Swedenborg Biography

Life Philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg

The works of Swedenborg are enjoyed by those who are looking for, and value, new visions into mankind's spirituality. His teachings, envisions, spiritual traits are presented in a scientific way, as he said that truth should be digested and understood in the clear beam of reasoning. He denied the blind trust which compels to believe which is not understandable.

Scientific Intelligence of Emanuel Swedenborg

Born in 1688 to Lutheran Bishop, Emanuel Swedenborg, after earning a university degree pursued a scientific career and continued his studies in England. He was a great admirer of Isaac Newton. He worked for the King of Sweden in the capacity of an engineer and then joined the Board of Mines as a mining consultant and metallurgist. He developed the Swedish steel and copper industries to new heights and had considerable impact on the early English iron industry which followed his methods. He studied other sciences also and published  research papers.

Other Interests of Emanuel Swedenborg

He also made remarkable advances and understanding in terms of operation of the body. He found the function of the motor areas of the cerebral lobes; the function of the brain and the lungs; the working of the ductless glands and of the cerebro-spinal fluid.

Spiritual Inspiration of Emanuel Swedenborg

But the discovery of the soul isolated him. At 57 Emanuel Swedenborg found some revelation from God. He left his career as a scientist and begun preparing to publish theological works which encompassed the spiritual truths he experienced and witnessed. He considered this event as the initiation of the New Age. For the first time, a professionally trained highly qualified scientific intellect was facilitated to elucidate spiritual laws and theories by observing the human spirit.

Theological beliefs of Emanuel Swedenborg

In England he discovered freedom of concepts and the press. He travelled to London on several occasions to get his works published. He died at the age of 84, at London. Swedenborg neither proclaimed nor gathered any congregations around him with a belief that the truth would be followed and embraced when people were ready.

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