What Are Eligibilities of USA L1 Visa

USA L1 visa is applied by employees who want to transfer to America. Companies which want to send a team to America for conference or project also apply for L1 Visa. For a group of employees the company should apply for L1 blanket visa. It is issued to only a particular segment of the working professionals. There applicant should either hold a major post in the company or he should be a highly skilled employee.  As per the USCIS there are certain eligibility factors which are to be fulfilled be an applicant in turn to get his application approved. The following points are the eligibility factors of an applicant.

  • The employee should be related with the company at least 3 years prior to the application or else the applicant would be considered to be falling under blanket. 
  • It can either be issued for an executive manager or a highly specialized skill worker of the company.
  • When an employer files a petition on your behalf to USCIS and approve for sponsorship, only then your application will be approved.
  • No individual can apply for a L1 visa.
  • The maximum time period allotted to L1 applicants is either 7 years for manager or 5 years for specialized skill people.  
  • The L1 petition must validate that the company in the USA and the parent company are qualified organizations.
  • A letter from the company in the USA stating the requirement of the person. 
If a person is setting up a company in the USA then the person can apply for L1 visa. The following factors have to be fulfilled to be eligible for L1 visa. 
  • He should provide sufficient proof that he can support and run his company in the USA. 
  • The applicant has to submit the infrastructure of the company which he is going to run in USA. 
  • There should be enough financial support for the company. 

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