What Are Eligibilities of USA F1 Visa

Thousands of students apply for USA F1 visa. There are many recognized schools and universities in USA which are accepting students from all across the world. The standards of education are very high in the USA which is attracting many foreign students who want to pursue their education. As an immigrant you need to qualify for applying for a F1 visa. There are number of eligibility factors which need to be checked as a student to enter US. For you to apply in an American university you need to firstly get a decent score in tests which are necessary to get admission in an American university. 

The following points are the eligibility factors which are necessary to get a USA F1 visa.
  • The student has to qualify the test which is conducted to be eligible for applying in American universities. Some of the tests which are accepted by SEVIS are GRE, TOFEL, SAT, etc. 
  • The student should be able to fund his education in USA. 
  • The student should have no intentions of settling in USA after his course is completed.
  • The student should be fluent in English and should qualify all the necessary admission process.
  • The student should possess Form I-20 which is provided by the university which he is intending to pursue his course. 
For a non immigrant student there are some limitations which he is expected to follow. The student is not allowed to work anywhere else other than his On-Campus job. On-Campus jobs are the jobs which are offered to foreign students to sustain their daily necessities. These jobs are assigned the student has proper background and is qualified for the job. He can also take up assistance ship under a lecturer or a professor in his university. The can work for a maximum of 20 hours in a week and any job undertaken by the student outside the campus is considered to be an illegal act. These are the eligibilities of a student who is applying a USA F1 visa. 

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