What Are Eligibilities of USA B1 Visa

B1 Visa is for business officials who like to visit America for business trips. To apply for USA B1 visa one has to be eligible to get the required visa. The eligibility factors mainly depend on the person background and the company he owns or the company he is representing. In enter the USA without being a citizen of America you are treated as an immigrant. Any foreign national for the matter of fact entering America is considered to be an immigrant. Some of the important qualifications the applicant should be having are – 

  • He should have a permanent address in his country.
  • He should have family tie ups who are willing to justify the fact that he is from that particular family.
  • He should have a stable job and also healthy bonds with the company he is working in.
  • The person should possess permanent assets and liquid assets with him. 
  • He should not have any intensions of staying back in America after his work is over in the country. He should prove that he is willing to come back to his own country once his assignment is completed. 

Apart from these there are some more B1 visa eligibilities which are also taken into consideration.

  • Only business professionals are allowed to apply for this visa.
  • Business associates who are in meeting other business corporations for negotiation purpose or collaboration are eligible.
  • Professional sportsmen who are willing to take part in a competition are also eligible for this visa.
  • People who are willing to get trained or observe particular business patterns are eligible.
  • Technical professionals who are required to install equipment or who are hired by a particular company are eligible for B1 visa.
  • Any American company can hire a person from other countries; these associates are eligible for B1 visa. 

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