Election Day Activities

encourage learners to go to surveying place on the Election Day with their guardians or parents to get a sense of voting procedure.

watch the media reporting of election all over the day as a class, analyzing and conversing comments and reporting. Students have compared to the news coverage on diverse stations and in diverse media formats.

Learners can see actual and converse the effects of early results reporting, predictions and exit polling. Observe a map of United States and converse when the polls slam in diverse time zones. And have students chart and tally the revisits through state since they draw closer in and resolve when the endearing applicant has adequate electoral votes to make sure victory. Learners can mark on the map when an applicant has protected a state.

older learners could go to surveying sites and demeanor exit polls or
conference voters with equipped question brainstormed in group of students. Learners can inquire questions such as: what is the major problem to you in this voting?

learners can carry out post-election interviews with followers, inquiring
them on their views of the endearing applicants and their concerns, thoughts,
and hopes for the impending term of place of work.

learners can write letters to recently elected applicants to let them discern their concerns, thoughts, and hopes about concerns of effect to them. And Letters might be sent to applicant and to the outlook section of local paper.

learners can carry out surveys to resolve on what type of issues electorate
want the recently elected officer to focus.

learners can generate a web site documenting the consequences of election with their lessons. They can post review and polling consequences.

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