Education in US

How International Students Can Get Loans

Students and parents worry about how international students can get loans in America. US education is expensive even for a native student. For international students, there are added burdens of additional fees, travel expenses, currency exchange, and living expenses..Read More

Cost of MBA in USA for International Students

An MBA degree is a coveted one – funding and admission is getting tougher in the US than before. Funding for citizens and permanent residents is a little easier as they can apply for federal student loans to finish their education at a school that participates in the program...Read More

US Education System As Compared To Other Countries

Education in the United States is the responsibility of each of the States with no federal involvement.  Each State forms its own curriculum and decides what is to be taught in their schools and the criteria that students should meet...Read More

Low Cost Universities for International Students in USA

US education is a great dream for many students and the wide range of low cost universities for international students in USA helps make that dream become reality. Generally, the universities have different tuition fee..Read More

Cost of Living in the U.S. for International College Students

Many youngsters are interested in pursuing education in the US and get degrees in their fields of interest. As we are all well aware, higher education in the US can be an expensive undertaking depending on the University you choose...Read More

Ranking of US Education System in World

The Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) institutes a world education ranking report, PISA based on numeracy, reading and science. The PISA study focuses on skills acquired by students that enable them to live in society...Read More

International Student Enrollment in the United States

Enrollment by International Students in US colleges went up by 5% to 723,277 in the academic year of 2010/11. Greater numbers of Students from China were part of the trend...Read More

Jobs in USA for International Students

There are different types of jobs in USA for international students. Even though they are in the common pool of people looking for jobs in the US, as foreign candidates they do have to meet certain work and visa requirements...Read More

Insurance for International Students in USA

Health insurance for international students in USA is a mandatory requirement in many universities. Owing to the expensive healthcare system, health insurance has become an essential expense for everyone...Read More

International High School Students in USA

Many youngsters from around the world have attended high school in the US under the aegis of Exchange Programs sponsored by the Department of State. The J-1 High School Exchange Program allows students to experience American culture...Read More

Internships in USA for International Students

Many avenues are open in the form of internships in USA for international students, who would like to build experience points in their resume even while they are pursuing their educational degree...Read More

How International Students Can Find a Job

Most students who come to the US wonder how international students can find a job in the US, as they come in educational visa that comes with many restrictions. United States has always been the big ‘Land of Opportunities and Dreams,’ for many people...Read More

Student Loans for International Students Studying In the US

When compared to the opportunities for scholarships, student loans for international students studying in the US are more. International student loans are personal loans with customized option...Read More

US Immigration Laws for International Students

As an international student, you will need a visa to enter the US to stay for the duration of your study.  The three categories are:

US Boarding Schools for International Students

The American education system is well known around the world and has a great reputation.  Many students and their parents are keen to take advantage of all the benefits...Read More

Admission Tests for International Students

Admission test for international students varies mainly with their course of study in the US. The US educational system has a set of standard tests to be taken by residents as well as international students to gain admission into the US universities...Read More

What Is the Process of Student Visa for USA?

A very important question that any international student, who has decided to pursue education in America, needs answer to is, “What is the process of student visa for the USA?” No matter the kind of school or the course you are going to attend...Read More

Scholarships for International Students in USA

Even though the awards and scholarships are available mainly for the US nationals, there are still some scholarships for international students in USA. These opportunities are made available by those institutions...Read More

US Education Grade System

The US education is based on academic grading and credit system rather than the numeric grading system which is otherwise widely used. The five letter grade system most commonly used up to the mid twentieth century...Read More

U.S. Education System Strengths and Weakness

The United States Federal system of governance ensures that each State is responsible for its own education system. There is no nationwide common curriculum or system of education although the structure...Read More

US Education Levels

The education system in the US is the primary responsibility of the State. The Federal government has little say over the curriculum, student requirements and administrative matters of the schools...Read More

US School Grades

To know well about USA schools grades system...Read More

Financial Aid International Students US Universities

Choices of financial aid for international students in US universities are more for graduate students than for the undergraduates. Students seeking financial aid from the university must be enrolled as full-time students....Read More

US Education Map

Check USA education system map...Read More

US Education System Advantages

Unlike in many other countries, the education system in US is either controlled by the independent group of people or by the state or local governments...Read More

Problems in US Education

The United States Education system faces a number of problems within it and hence the education is not as effective as it is intended to be. School violence, and classroom disruption are becoming too common in the United States Educational institution...Read More

US Education System Cons

The US has universal public education up to the 12th grade and it is for all children and free. This K-12 method ensures that each child irrespective of race, creed and birth gets an education. Education in the US is the responsibility of the State and as such the State determines curriculum...Read More

US Education System Structure

The US education system structure follows the pattern of primary education , middle and secondary education followed by postsecondary and various levels of graduate programs. Unlike in many other countries where the education system is centralized...Read More

US Education System

All the fifty states of the United States of America have its own Department of Education that controls and sets the guidelines for education inside that particular state...Read More

US Education Facts

The United States have a well established education system that calls for compulsory education to be provided for the children from age 5 or 6 up to the age 16 or 18 depending upon the state in which the child is studying...Read More

History of US Education

The education system of the United States started in the seventeenth century with the opening of the first public school, the Boston Latin School in 1635. The same year the very first 'free school' ...Read More