Edmund Muskie Birthday (March 28th)

Edmund Muskie Birthday (March 28th)

He was a Democratic from Maine. He has a long political career during which he held many important positions; he was the first Polish American to be nominated for the Vice President of United States.

Muskie was born on March 28, 1914 in Rumford; he was the son of a Polish migrant who was a tailor. His father changed family name due to the pronunciation problem by Americans. His mother name was Josephine Muskie and his father was Stephen Marciszewski. Muskie did his study in government and history from Bates College in Maine. From the collegetime itself Muskie was very charismatic and had interest in various activities like he was debate member in Bates College, he participated in various sports events and also he was nominated as student government member and later on he won that. Edmund Muskie's birthday is celebrated one among the Famous birthdays in march, on that day birthday gifts, birthday cards, pictures of Edmund Muskie's are distributed or supplies among the school children.

After Graduating from Bates College in 1936, Muskie went to Cornell University school of Law for pursuing higher studies in Law. During the second world war Muskie provided his service for the Navy there he rose to the level of Lieutenant. But after the end of war he started private practice. During his practice days he married to Jane Gray. He played a very significant role in building the Democratic Party at the local level in Maine; this is very important achievement for Muskie because prior to this Maine was considered as Republican state.

Before being elected as Governor in the year 1954, he was in Maine House of representatives. In the year 1958 Muskie defeated Frederick G. Payne a Republican Senator by a very high margin. Muskie is considered as the first senator who was environment lover and he led the campaign from the front about the making of stronger laws to reduce the pollution in order to protect the environment. In the year 1968 Muskie became the first and only one Polish American candidate for Vice president Election but unfortunately he lost that election. In the year 1980, Cyrus Vance resigned then the then President Jimmy Carter selected Muskie for the post of Secretary of the States. In the year 1980, Muskie had to leave the office due to the defeat of Jimmy Carter.

In the year 1981 retired but he continued his practice for next 6 years. Again in the year 1987 Muskie was given special assignment, he was selected in Tower commission, a special Review board of President. Muskie died in 1996 due to Heart failure.