Eddie Foy Sr. Birthday (March 9th)

Eddie Foy Sr. Birthday (March 9th)

Eddie Foy was an actor, vaudevillian, dancer and musical comedian who served the people by making them smile when they were in sorrow. Eddie Foy showed Eddie Foy heart out in the infamous Iroquois Theatre Fire, when Eddie Foy was on a tour with Mr. Bluebeard in December 1903. When unfortunate incident took place Eddie Foy Sr. was on stage and he stayed there till last minute to maintain patience among the audience for sake of their lives. Eddie Foy's birthday is celebrated one among the Famous birthdays in march, on that day birthday gifts, birthday cards, pictures of Albert Einstein are distributed or supplies among the school childrens.Albert Einstein's birthday is celebrated one among the Famous birthdays in march, on that daybirthday gifts, birthday cards, pictures of Eddie Foy are distributed or supplied among the school children.

Eddie Foy Sr. Birth and Early Days

Eddie Foy Sr. was born in Greenwich Village near New York City on 9th March 1856. But Eddie Foy Sr. had a different childhood altogether after the death of his father in 1862. A boy which was only six years old started performing on the streets of New York to support the family. Eddie Foy Sr. later went to Chicago and joined vaudeville for economic support. Eddie Foy Sr. developed a unique singing style and comic lisp by which he got professional recognition and fame.

Eddie Foy Sr. Career

Eddie Foy Sr. returned Chicago in year 1888 and audience gave him good recognition and response in revues and shows as comedian. Eddie Foy Sr.specialized in strange costumes and eccentric routine to make hilarious effects among the audience. The extension of foy’s upper lip was well below the teeth and it gave an appearance of Eddie Foy Sr. had lost his upper teeth at all. With Eddie Foy Sr. strange V-shaped grin and unusual look foy amused the audience up to higher levels of comedy. The Strollers (1901) andMr. Bluebeard (1903) are among the first few hits of Eddie Foy Sr. which gave him great response of the people.

Foy had no children by Eddie Foy Sr. two earlier marriages hence Eddie Foy Sr. married toMadeline. Foy and Eddie Foy Sr. wife had eleven children and seven of them survived the childhood. When Eddie Foy Sr. wife passed away in 1918, Foy had no choice but to take them on road. That led the famous act, “Eddie Foy and The Seven Little Foys.” Eddie Foy Sr. son Eddie Jr. later became famous as a film actor at his own and did the role of his father in various films including “Frontier Marshal”, “Lillian Russell” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. While a farewell tour, Eddie Foy Sr. died in year 1928 in Kansas City, Missouri of a heart attack.

Some of the hits of Eddie (Edwin Fitzgerald) Foy Sr. are as follows:

  • The Wild Rose(1902)
  • Mr. Bluebeard(1903)
  • Piff! Paff! Pouf! (1904)
  • The Earl and the Girl (1905)
  • The Orchid (1907)
  • Mr. Hamlet of Broadway (1908/9)
  • Up and Down Broadway (1910)
  • Over the River (1912)