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How Earth Hour Event Conceptualized

The Earth Hour Event first envisaged by WWF and The Sydney Morning Herald in the year 2007. Around 2.2 million populace of Sydney took part in the event actively and turned their non-essential lights off for one hour. The same activity was followed by the peoples of other cities of the world next year in 2008.

Earth Hour, the global event is held on last Saturday of March once a year.  In 2011, the Earth Hour Event will take place on March 26, 2011. It will start from evening 8:30p.m. to 9:30p.m., at respective local time zone of the countries.

World Wide Fund for Nature also renowned as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organizes the event. During the event, the households and the business entities are asked to switch off their unessential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour. The exercise is done to raise responsiveness towards the necessity for taking action on climate change.

Earth Hour 2010 has been reportedly the biggest Earth Hour till date. The event had aimed to bring together in excess of one billion participant that had participated in 2009’s Earth Hour Event. 128 countries in total had taken part in the event in 2010.

As per the statistics of polling, in the United States alone, 90, 000, 000 Americans  had switched off their lights during earth our. The iconic landmarks those participated in Earth Hour Event are Mount Rushmore, the Las Vegas Strip, the Empire State Building and Niagara Falls.

Moving ahead, the concept of Earth Hour Event is also being followed in day to day life. The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Chicago has framed lighting guiding principles to lessen light pollution, and diminish the carbon footprint of city center buildings.

Criticism on Earth Hour Event

The Earth Hour Event that saves power has also faced criticism. Rick Giles, president of ACT on Campus which is the youth arm of New Zealand's ACT Party, told on the breakfast television show Sunrise that instead of Earth Hour Event, we should celebrate ‘Edison Hour’. He alleged that the Earth Hour Event is an anti technology cause. People may use candles in place of electricity and candles are petroleum-based products. Rick said that if we are heading for some kind of catastrophe it seems right to use technology to fight with this. However, the arguments brought disrepute to the young leader who had said, "I think my argument is so powerful that it's not necessary to talk about it".

Adding another point to criticism, the Christian Science Monitor stated that candles are normally made of, a heavy hydrocarbon derivative of crude oil, a fossil fuel. Burning of candles will increase the consumption of energy and carbon dioxide emissions.

Many other organizations have commented negatively on the impact of Earth Hour Event in changing the approach of general people towards climate change.

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