Earth Day Trees

Earth day trees are the main prospects of celebrating Earth Day in a grand manner. Earth day trees represent the symbolical significance of Earth Day. Earth day emphasizes that the survival length of the human life lies on trees. If human beings want to have a long life then there should be the life of trees on the earth. It can be said in an alternate way – trees are the main resource which gives full support to human beings for having a long life. No human beings and other animals can survive if there are no trees on the earth. Trees are the backbone of the living things of the earth. The main point is - human beings and all other animals release carbon and take oxygen from the air but the trees take carbon and release oxygen into the air and that makes an equilibrium in the environment to let all living things live. We can say – trees are the elixir of life in the earth. Hence, earth day trees have more valued reasons to take it in the celebration.

The Background of Earth Day:

Earth Day is anticipated to encourage consciousness and gratitude for the Earth's natural environment. Earth Day was initiated by Gaylord Nelson, a Senator of the United States. He started an environmental teach-in which was held on April 22, 1970. Nelson focused the importance of Earth Day at that gathering for the first time and Earth Day started from then. The first Earth Day was observed in the US; however, later it spread all over the world to celebrate the day with grand appreciation.

Plant Earth Day Trees on Earth Day Celebration

You have to plant a tree in a public area for the celebration of Earth Day with its real style. Planting a tree in the public is very popular these days as well as it bring your social attitude to light. At the same time your efforts may help others to take part with you for this great cause. This is the way to develop awareness among the people publicly.  In the United States in particular, people throng in tree planting programs and raise awareness about the environment. We can only protect our environment from any bad impact as we are the only reason of polluting it. Hence, the awareness to protect our environment is tree planting. However, this is not only the one reason; still tree planting is one of the major reasons of protecting our environment from ill effect.

Hence, earth day trees play a vital role to make our environment healthy and you have to participate in this occasion to beautify your neighborhood while aiding the environment

Plantation – The Process

You can select any kind of young tree for the plantation but you have to understand one important point of selecting the tree. The concerned tree is to survive and carry your efforts to the long run. The tree is to grow and develop soon. You have to take well care after plantation too. Hence, you can do tree plantation in your local community. You can then get time to look after the tree after plantation. However, you can also discuss with tree nurseries to provide you a tree that is healthy in all four seasons. You need to understand proper care for the plant too from them.

  • Always avoid areas surrounded by electrical wires. Select a place where the tree can grow without any other inconvenience. You need to see that the place you select is not a problematic for your community. Hence, consult with your community and select the place for tree plantation.
  • You can consult with an eco-friendly organization to provide you a tree that lasts long and has potential growth structure. You need to understand about certain ants attack and other sorts of bacteria problem in the young plant.
  • You can invite your friends, family members and relatives to help you tree plantation. You can make this is an event for good cause. Make a friendly entertainment event while planting trees of Earth Day. This could be your outdoor activities on this day.
  • You can also create a maintenance schedule for your Earth Day trees. You have to develop time to time maintenance to care the trees that you have planted.

Earth day trees will bring mental satisfaction and that is the empowerment of human life. Understanding the value of earth day trees can really protect our environment from any ill effects in the future.

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