Earth Day Theme Song

Earth day is celebrated on 22nd April all over the world to forward considerable steps to build our planet as a safest place to live for long time. It is now very important to protect our planet from unnecessary pollution and other sources of harmful acts as the earth is facing pollution threat day by day. Earth day is considered as the awakening of considerable senses for the protection and further development of go green attitude for the earth. Therefore, concerned steps should be taken for further protection and longevity of the earth. Earth day theme song is based on appreciation of earth protection as well as go green attitude. Earth day theme songs are written for further awakening to the people of the world regarding the importance of go green attitude for the earth in style.

 Reason Analysis

Earth day theme songs are based with the core meaning of protecting the earth by reducing some of our most common bad habits such as cutting trees for space expansion, making garbage nearby house and not using bins for small waste materials, not having much knowledge about recycling etc. Earth day theme songs should be made very easy to understand by all common people because the main intention of the earth day is to educate common people. Hence, earth day theme songs should be based on the points of protecting our earth in the easiest way.

The most important points to cover in the theme of earth day song:

Planting a tree – After planting a tree you have to nurture that to grow. People have to know that a single tree can make a very good environment for a big area therefore planting a tree makes big sense in today’s environment.

Knowledge of Recycling – Recycling all waste materials in a proper way is the best solution for making the earth to be green forever. Most of the people do not have the awareness of recycling and therefore, Earth day theme song should be based on this topic. The bad impact of landfill should be explained in the song. Landfill may cause severely in the future if it continues to grow and therefore, the attitude of recycling has to be entertained properly.
Usage of cleaning strategy – People do not use cleaning strategy. Actually most of the people do not know how to maintain cleaning strategy for the environment.
The concept of green earth – The concept of green earth is to be taken in the theme of earth day song. The earth day theme song should able to educate people for the impact of earth. What is the real meaning of the green earth? Why to go green? These are the important questions to be included in earth day theme song.

Some other important factors of earth day theme song

People have to know the usage of vinegar and natural cleaners at home to make the home a lovely place to live. Home should be well and protected place to live. Mosquito free, dust free and stink free environment is very important for a home.

People have to be educated for the usage of cycle and walking importance. Cycling and walking are the important factors for health as well as for the environment.
Awareness is required for the usage of canvas grocery bags and recycling toilet papers. The usage of energy efficient light bulbs is also very important for health as well for the environment. People have to be educated with clean energy usage at local, national and international levels.

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