Earth Day Ideas

All of the subsequent ideas have been used effectively for Earth Day in different communities and cities. Some necessitate having a larger "fair-type" event; others can be done moreover by themselves or at a bigger event.

Clean up and/or restore

  • Beaches
  • communities
  • trails
  • graffit
  • streams
  • iver


Have people sign an Earth Day promise. To display the pledges, you can have people mark their promises on cutout "leaves" which are then placed on either a painted tree poster or onto a 3-D treelike configuration. Leaves can too be sold as a fund-raiser. Observe the "Humanitree" scheme info at the end of this point.

Earth Day Proclamation

A low-priced and effective way to get the ball rolling at the "official" level in any city, county or state, is to request the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, Governor and any School Districts or other official bodies to subject Earth Day proclamations. Send officials a model and invite them to make one of their own. You can organize to receive the proclamation at a public gathering which also provides a chance to get the word out both to public officials and also to other community members attending the meeting or watching on cable TV.


At all events, have a letter-writing desk with sample letters written on numerous issues. Sell stamps, postcards or pre-stamped envelopes and gather letters or postcards to be mailed - being certain to post them at the closing stages of the day. You be capable of also put up petitions in this similar area. Petitions were shown on poles with a picture illustrating the topic. Pens were attached to the poles and the petitions were on clipboards. A local high school group may be involved in taking liability for this "exhibit." Have the League of Women Voters or a different linked group registering people to vote. Invite selected officials to attend events and be on hand at specific times to discuss issues with citizens.

Grocery Bags on Earth Day!

Every student in the school decorates a paper grocery bag from a near store with a picture of the earth, the words "Earth Day 1995" or ED25, the name of their school, and perhaps some attractive Earth Day slogan following to the bags are decorated, they are returned to the store to be circulated to shoppers on Earth Day and/or during Earth Week - depending on the number of bags. That's all here is to it - past reply has been very positive, both from the school and the society.

Here's how it's been done:

  • Call the manager of a local grocery store

  • Ask if you can have a "bundle" of large paper grocery bags to garnish for Earth Day at your school. Make clear that you'll return them a day or before the day. It may be helpful to bring along an already decorated bag to illustrate. It's also cooperative if the bags you obtain have one blank side.

  • Deciding who will make the bags and what they will seem like is up to you. We have tried to build ours look rather uniform and still leave some room for individual expression.

  • When the bags are collected from classrooms, we can have some decisions to make regarding spelling exactness and how that may reflect on our school, but I would say 99% of the bags went out "as is".

  • Delivering the bags to the store has been really quite amusing for the class, and was a good civic relations chance for our school as well. It was covered by local tv stations

Fair Scavenger Hunt or "Walkaround"

Have exhibitors at your fair or festival submit a question(s) for the hunt, the reply to which can be found in their exhibit. Print up a list of questions, and contain where the respond can be found. This record of questions becomes the hunt. You may obtain a local radio station show to be the hunt headquarters at the festival. They would be liable for passing out the forms, collecting and "grading" them, and give out prizes. This activity increases experience for your exhibitors, increases the learning of the participants, and offers a great promotion vehicle for all involved.

You can at hand extra points if participants carpooled took the shuttle bus, rode their bike, etc. It is typically easy to get prizes donated from participating exhibitors, local businesses and folks. The prizes don't have to be fancy - packages of seeds, wooden pencils, cloth or string bags, baking soda shakers - it is fun to bring together environmentally friendly prizes that also serve up to lift up awareness. When the occasion is over, you may still be able to distribute the scavenger hunt list with answers to local teachers for utilize in their classrooms.

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