Earth Day Events

Earth Day events will be celebrated by millions all over the world. 46th anniversary of Earth Day will be on Friday, April 22, 2016. There will be many different events and occasions to take place on this day. The world’s Earth Day events will be celebrated in various different styles; however, the main spirit of the day remains same.

The main intention of this day is to honor the planet and all living things that live in it and also develop an awareness to protect the earth from natural ill effect. Most of the people do not know how to protect the earth as it mainly lies on making the environment healthier. You can make the environment healthier, if you plant many trees and do not go for deforestation. People have to be aware of deforestation as it is one of the biggest threats to the environment.

Various Enthusiastic and Colorful ways of Celebration Worldwide

Earth Day Events will be celebrated with various enthusiastic and colorful ways worldwide. The USA and the Western countries are particular to celebrate this day with the utmost zeal. They are much aware of circumstances for the impact of ill effects in the environment and hence, they come up with the vital force to utilize the day in an effective way of conducting awareness events and planting trees. However, the rest of the world also takes good part to celebrate this day figuring many useful events.

Today, many cities of the world celebrate Earth Day for a complete week to amplify awareness of recycling and better energy resourceful communities. The whole week is included with many useful events to promote consciousness and zeal to know -

  • Easy ways of environment protection from ill effects
  • Better ideas of energy saving
  • Importance of recycling e-waste including mobile phones, PCs, and all other electronics equipment
  • Better ways of reducing land-fills
  • Better ways reusing materials
  • Useful ways of tree plantation

There are many fruitful campaigns for making the environment long lasting and reducing its ill effects, which are promoted in the events. People of the world who celebrate Earth Day events initiate all kinds of campaigns.

Some Famous Earth Day Events

Nurturing Nature – A New York Event

New York City celebrates Earth Day events in a grand manner every year. The people of the city are going to make fruitful Earth Day Events. The people of the city are going to enthusiastically foster its urban forest in collaboration with PlaNYC’s MillionTreesNYC, New York Restoration Project, Natural Resources Group and NYC Parks Department in Earth Day Events.

People do tree planting and tree stewarding events throughout the city to help young trees survive the first few years. They take good care at the time of planting the trees as they know this is the crucial to young trees’ for health and growth.

The people of New York City organize local events with volunteers of all ages. This effort comes as the most precious environmental advantage. It is very important to know that trees help clean air and reduce the pollutants that trigger asthma attacks. Most importantly, trees exacerbate other respiratory diseases, cool streets, sidewalks, and homes on hot summer days. They try to make aware that trees increase property value and encourage neighborhood revitalization and these are the main conditions which can make the environment a better place to live.


E-campaigns are also very famous events to celebrate on Earth Day. The USA is particular to celebrate e-campaigns. There are lots of promotional exhibitions in the Internet regarding e-campaigns. Following eco-friendliness in each and every matter is the E-campaign. If you are not using plastics and you are recycling all your e-waste properly that means you are participating in the E-campaigns.

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