Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day is not a national holiday in the U.S., but the Earth Day celebration does collect a fair amount of coverage in the press.

What Is?

As to the source of Earth Day, Beverly Hernandez, About's Guide to Homeschooling, notes, "On April 22, 1970, Arbor Day activities were adapted to emphasize the critical importance of the situation and to make the American public aware of the devastation of the earth's natural preserves."

When Is the Day Celebration?

April 22 continues to be the most well-liked date for the celebration of Earth Day in the U.S.

Arbor Day and the Earth Day Celebration

The reason for the connection between Arbor Day and Earth Day is fairly see-through. Both Arbor Day and Earth Day are environmental statements, even though the former is less politicized in environment than is Earth Day and targeted at a definite part of our environment: trees. Also like Earth Day, the history of Arbor Day isn't extensive compared to traditional holidays, while Arbor Day is about one hundred years older than Earth Day. Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April, so the two holidays are celebrated within one week of each other in the U.S. when much of the country is exulting in its first stretch of warm weather after a lengthy winter. Earth Day is also celebrated in many countries, in quite a few of which its date falls on the spring equinox (ca. March 21).

In landscaping your yard, there are plenty of environmentally pleasant actions you can take to honor Earth Day -- all year surrounding, not just on Earth Day itself!

Getting Personal with the Earth Day Celebration: 10 Ways to Save the Planet

Think of so-called "green living" as a two-pronged come up to. One of its systems of belief is not to waste natural resources that aren't at all times readily available: thus the arrangements for energy conservation and water conservation. Another belief is to avoid environmental pollution.  

Make Every Day "Earth Day": Recycle!

The recycling information provided below represents but a small part of what homeowners can do to survive earth-friendly lives. Follow these thoughts for misuse recycling and you'll not only be "saving the planet," but also reduction money in some cases.

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