Earmuff Day 2017

Earmuff day is celebrated on the 13th of March every year to honor its inventor – Chester Greenwood. It was on this day that Mr.Greenwood patented his invention. He had initially called them the Champion Ear Protectors. Later on, they came to be known as earmuffs.

This simple invention has brought so many honors to Mr.Greenwood because, this was his first invention from hundreds of others and he did it at 15. Little Chester wanted to keep his ears warm in the freezing winters of Maine where he had to walk 8 miles to sell eggs.  

Why should one celebrate earmuffs?

The foremost reason is that nothing else is as comfortable. The hoods, hats and scarves only mess up your hair and keep slipping all the time. Plus, earmuffs these days come in comfy fabrics. In addition, they also protect you from the harsh sounds of the cities.

Things to do on this Day:

  • Buy yourself a nice pair of Earmuffs and sport them around.

  • Gift some to your friends and loved ones and tell them why this day is so important.

  • Send e-cards and ear-muff curios to friends.

  • T-shirts designed especially for this day are available on sale. Buy them and sport them stylishly in your neighborhood.

Earmuff Day 2017