How Long Can Stay With E3 Visa

The E3 visa is for the exclusive use of Australian nationals who belong to specialty occupants. They will be working temporarily in the US, or professionals in Australia who have earned a bachelor’s degree and possess specialized skills. Take note that Australian permanent residents are not qualified to apply for an E3 visa because only Australian nationals or Australian citizens may use this type of visa. It is necessary to present an eligible Australian passport when you are being interviewed for your E3 visa application. If you are the spouse or child of someone with an E3 visa, you may also qualify to receive an E3 visa even if you are not an Australian citizen or national. When applying for an E3 visa, you have to prove that you will be gainfully employed once you reach US soil, and that the work you will be doing counts as specialty occupation employment. Length of stay is also dependent on proof that you are staying only temporarily in the US.

Sometimes the period of stay with E3 Visa may depend on whether you have to be licensed for the work that you intend to practice in the US. The length of stay with E3 visa might be affected by the volume of applications for that year because only 10,500 visas for the E3 category can be approved annually. Your employer has to give you a letter stating that you are being hired for the specialty occupation indicated for your visa application to be valid. If you intend to go to the US specifically to hunt for a job, you cannot apply for an E3 visa. The US employer also has to secure a Labor Condition Application first (also known as ETA Form 9035) from the Department of Labor regarding your visa.

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