How Long Can Stay With E1 Visa

The E1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows the visa holder to stay in the US legally while carrying out trade within US territory. How long you can stay with E1 visa depends on whether your home country still has a treaty arrangement with the US for commerce and navigation, or a bilateral agreement. It also depends on your status within the company that will do trade within the US – for example, if you are an ordinary rank and file employee then you will not be able to use an E1 visa. This is because an E1 visa is usually granted to part owners of the company (with 50% ownership) or specialists, managers or executives. You also need to be a bonafide citizen of the country which has a treaty arrangement or bilateral agreement with the US. The E1 visa can also be granted if 50% of the company itself is owned by citizens of the treaty country as well. If you are an immediate family member of someone who owns an authentic E1 visa, then you qualify to get an E1 visa as well.

The period of stay with E1 visa may also depend on whether the US government agrees to renew your E1 visa. Generally, your E1 visa can be renewed every two years so long as your company continues to do trade within and with the US, provided there are no legal violations. If your spouse has also been able to get an E1 visa, he or she may also keep staying and trade with the US as long as the visa is still in force. Once you are no longer part-owner, executive, manager or specialist of the company that is listed as your sponsor company, then you may have to get a new visa.

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