Eligibility of E1 Visa

Needless to mention, you will not be granted an E1 visa unless you have eligibility of it. A trader or his/her employees will have eligibility of E1 visa only when:

  • He/she belongs to a treaty country and coming to the United States to be engaged in a sustainable trade.
  • Majority volume (at least 50%) of the trade, the alien is involved, must be between the U.S. and the treaty country.
  • The treaty trader will demonstrate that the greater portion of dollar value of business always has been and will be between the U.S. and the treaty nation.
  • He or she has enough experience in developing and directing the business.
  • The intention of the trader would be to depart from the U.S. after the last date of E1 visa expires.
  • The trader should have carried out business with the U.S. in the past.

Remember, lower volume of trade may disqualify you to have eligibility of E1 visa. You may have to leave the U.S. if your business is struggling and it is not capable of employing at least five U.S. citizens.

Eligibility of E1 visa - stay away from ineligibility grounds

And last but not the least, stay away from ineligibility grounds to have eligibility of E1 visa. If you are suffering from diseases like tuberculosis you may be included in ineligible category and will not be permitted to enter into the U.S. If the consular officer finds any criminal background of the applicant, the request will be rejected. In spite of having all other eligibility of E1 visa, your one act of immigration rule violation in the past may put your ambitions at risk.

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