Durga Puja 2016

Durga Puja also known as Durgotsava is a popular south Asian Hindu festival that is celebrated as a nine day festivity worshipping goddess Durga.

The dates for commemorating this festival are set according to the traditional Hindu calendar and all the nine days before Vijayadasami in this fort night or Devi Paksha are considered as the most auspicious moments. Even though this festival is celebrated in all states of India including Assam, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Punjab and others, the people of Bengal and Tripura consider this as the most significant event. Non-resident Hindus living in other countries such as US, UK, Germany, France and Australia also celebrate Durga Puja festival as per the Hindu rituals and ethnicity.

Durga Puja Information

Official Name Durga Puja
Also Called Akaal Bodhan
Observed by Hindus
Type Hindu, Indian
Begins First day of month Ashvin
Ends Ninth day of month Ashvin
2016 Date October 7 - 11
Related to Navratri, Dussehra

Durga Puja 2016 Events

The Durga Puja festival begins every year with Mahalaya, the first phase of the waxing moon in Aswin which is generally in the month of September or October and lasts till Dashami day. On the last day people offer farewell to goddess Durga by taking the idols in a procession with loud chants and immerse them into nearby lakes and rivers. This ritual is followed based on the fact that the goddess Durga descends to the Earth on the sixth day (Mahashashti), and returns to her abode on the tenth day of puja i.e Dashami day.

Celebrating Durga Puja:

  • Durga Puja, over the years, has outgrown its spiritual implications to a great extent and people all over India consider this a social event and celebrate this festival in different ways as per their rituals and customs. Also called as Navaratri or Dussehra in some parts of India, Durga Puja became one of the largest celebrated festivals in the whole world. Singing & dancing, sweets & gaiety, puja rituals & offerings, decorating pandals & attractive adorned idols are the most integral part of these celebrations.
  • But overall, this festivity is celebrated with joy where people worship idol of goddess Durga in nine divine forms and consider her as the divine power against all evils.

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