Drug Charges Laws

The drug charges law is quite serious and if found convicted under it, a criminal lawyer’s help must be sought immediately. Felony drug charges can cause lifetime changes in a person’s record. The punishment can be anything from fines to jail term or more. They can brand a person to have criminal background and prevent that person from landing a decent job, finding a home on rent, and the like. It will seriously affect one’s personal and professional life and cause a lot of loss.

The drug charges laws, in general, prohibits possessing, manufacturing and selling of particular controlled substances such as Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Marijuana. In addition to the common federal drug laws, every state in the US has its own set of laws concerning drug use and crime. While the federal laws govern trafficking of drugs majorly, the state laws mostly charge possession. Moreover, the federal charges invite harsher punishments and the sentences are usually long. The state drug charges usually fall under misdemeanors and the punishments involve fines, probation, short jail term, community service, or confinement in a rehab centre.

The most common crimes charged under the drug charges laws are the following,

  • Growing controlled substances
  • Operating meth labs
  • Trafficking drugs
  • Distributing illegal drugs
  • Possessing controlled substances
  • Distributing or selling controlled substances
  • Transporting controlled substances

These crimes can be punished by imprisonment. If the crime had happened near a school or a playground, sentencing or penalties would be severe. If resident aliens conduct the crime, they could be deported.

If one is suspected of drug crime, one can exercise certain rights. The drug charges law permits the following,

  • The suspect does not have to allow the search of the property or vehicle without a legal warrant.
  • The person need not provide a statement to the law officer or anyone else without speaking to his or her criminal attorney.

It is important for the offenders to seek the guidance of criminal lawyers, as they would represent the offenders’ best interests and ensure that their rights are not violated. 

Not every drug offender would be incarcerated for the charged crime. A good criminal attorney could evaluate the situation and make the person eligible for alternate sentencing such as deferred judgment and treatment programs. Usually, the drug charges law permits a less severe crime to be erased off the offender’s permanent record, if he or she successfully completes a rehab program.

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