Dress Spotty Day 2013

There is a reason behind every national awareness day – and so is the case with Dress Spotty Day. If you thought Dress Spotty Day was just about the reason to get dressed in spots and not much beyond, you need to know the other half of the story too. When it is November, the time of the year for you and your friends and colleagues to dress spotty, it is time for you to showcase your commitment to bowel cancer.

Why Dress Spotty Day?

The answer lies in the spots in your dress that urge you to do just that – to spot. Any cancer is dangerous because it is not easy to spot its symptoms. It is the same case with bowel cancer, where you may mistake the symptoms for a problem less serious, which could lead to consequences that may not be, in any way, pleasant. Dress Spotty Day spreads awareness about bowel cancer.

How is Dress Spotty Day celebrated?

On Dress Spotty Day, you indirectly urge people around you to look out for symptoms of bowel cancer and check out for family history of the deadly disease. You and your friends get dressed up in an attire of your liking, just making sure that they are spot on with spots on. This urges both participants as well as onlookers to get thinking – and do something about bowel cancer.

Dress Spotty Day could be commemorated with a simple get-together for drinks in the evening, a dinner party hosted to friends and colleagues, or just a hangout with friends when dressed in spots. The purpose that it serves, however, is significant.