Dream Day 2017

  • National Dream Day or just Dream Day as it is often called is a day of dreams or talk about dreams.
  • Dream Day is designated on the 27th of August each year, as it is on this day in 1963 that Martin Luther King made his famous speech, “I have a Dream”.
  • Truly, everyone has a dream, which is why this statement by Mr King touched the hearts of millions of Americans and people all over the world.
  • What do we mean by a dream? Technically, a dream is considered to be as series of images which the human brain experiences during the period of sleep.
  • However, a dream is also considered as a vision of the future and it is in this context that a dream is referred to on Dream Day.

Things to do

The one thing to do on Dream Day is dream, dream and dream… A person who is in the habit of dreaming is considered to be a time-waster. After all, the person who dreams does no measurable work – the only activity is to dream, which is looked upon with a dim view by someone who does not know what the nature of the dream is. Dream day is however a day when the person can follow dreams without any restrictions.

Chase your Dreams

So Dream Day is the day that you chase your dreams. Do you have a vision? If so, what is the vision that you have? Put your thoughts on to paper or log on to a website which asks people to post their thoughts which can be shared (anonymously, of course) with others.

Many great personalities in the world had a dream, a vision of the future. These were people who had the capacity to see into the future through their power of dreaming and seeing future things that others could not. They dreamt. And through dreaming, they brought their dreams into reality.


So, if you have a dream and are convinced that it is what you believe in, it is highly likely that some day that dream may be realized. This is the power of dreaming which is stronger than people realize. So, once a year, put all your work on hold on the 27th of August, on Dream Day, and put your dreams into perspective. This day may turn out to be a very significant day in your life, if you identify a dream which will some day turn into reality.

Dream Day 2017