Draw a Picture of a Bird Day 2017

Birds are one and the same with nature, and when one wants to be in a naturally beautiful place, birds are an essential part of the general picture, along with the trees and the scenery.

This day is all about spreading joy and happiness with pictures of nature, with the main focus being a bird. National Draw a Picture of a Bird Day is celebrated on the 8th of April each year. There is no known record of the origin of this particular day or who actually started it.

Activities on Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

  • The main activity on this day is to draw pictures of birds. These pictures can have a background of trees and other natural backgrounds like lakes, rivers, mountains and hills.

  • On Draw a Picture of a Bird Day, ornithologists are able to highlight their area of expertise and they are able to spread awareness about birds among people.

  • On this day, there are drawing and painting competitions for children and adults alike. Initially, only pencils were allowed in the competitions but nowadays crayons and water colors are used.

  • The internet is also a good platform for participating in Draw a Picture of a Bird Day as there will be several sites which organize activities revolving around birds on this day.

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day 2017