Donauinselfest 2016

Donauinselfest festival also known as Danube Island Festival is one of the Europe's largest open air free music festival that happens in Donauinsel town of Vienna, Austria.

Each year it attracts millions of locals and tourists from around the world and is a great three day outdoor event that usually takes place in the month of June. The Donauinselfest festival has already taken place over 20 times and is famous among visitors with numerous events and fun activities for both adults and children.

Highlights of Donauinselfest Festival

  • First established in 1984, the Donauinselfest festival is the most entertaining event that consists of diversified programs for all including lively blend of music and dancing, sports and entertainment, food and drink stalls etc. The main attraction of this event is nothing but the performances by world famous artists and smaller stage entertainments from local bands and DJs.
  • The Donauinselfest festival area is wide spread among 21 islands with more than 19 different open-air stages and tented areas that offer entertainment from reputed musicians and artists of various genres such as pop, rock, jazz, indie, punk, electro, oldies and hip hop.
  • Culinary is another main attraction at Donauinselfest festival as it offers more than 150 food stalls that serve both national and international dishes from all over the world including Italian, Thai, Greek, Indian, Turkish, Vegetarian and Austrian cuisine. Apart from music and entertainment visitors can also enjoy various culinary creations, cool soft drinks, coffee and other special food items in this event.

What Makes This Event so Special?

  • In the beginning the Donauinselfest festival started off as a national fair and gradually grew into international music festival, with estimation of more than 3 million people entering this place freely every year thus boosting the Vienna’s economy.
  • Interested people could vote for their favorite music bands and DJs which they would like to see perform in this festival, so that the band with highest votes will give live concert on five of the biggest stages of the Danube islands.

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