Documents Required for H3 visa

H3 visa is issued to those entering the USA for the purpose of training, internship or apprentice in fields other than medical education. The documents required for processing H3 visa is as follows:

1. Duly filled Form I-129 and the H-Supplement form; OF form.

2. A statement from the employer in the USA with a detailed description of the training program.

3. Documents that evidence any previous experience relevant to the current program.

4. Evidence of the qualifying degrees and education obtained by the applicant relevant to the current training program.

5. Letters from the government and/or company of the home country stating that such a training is unavailable in the home country.

6. Proof that such a training would be useful to the industry or academic institutions back home including a letter from an employer in a foreign country substantiating the career prospects of the applicant through this training.

7. A letter from the Labour Department back home describing the job opportunities for the applicant after obtaining such training in the USA.

8. Approval letter of the H3 petition.

9. Passport photograph of the applicant and any accompanying relative/s.

10. A valid passport of the applicant and any accompanying relative/s.

11. Birth Certificate of the applicant and any accompanying relative/s.

12. Marriage Certificate of the applicant if accompanied by spouse.

13. Documents such as bank account statements, property and share holdings and the like that indicate the strong social and economic binding of the applicant to his home nation which will convince the visa officer of the applicant's return to his home country.

14. Documents proving the availability of a job back home after return.

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