Documents Required for H2B visa

H2B visa is a working visa for non immigrants that permit foreign nationals to reside in the USA for employment in occupations other than agricultural. The following are the documents required to process H2B visa:

1. To begin with, the H2B visa is issued based on the fact that a particular job in the US Company required a skilled person to be imported from another country. For this the company has to provide a letter from the State Employment Agency stating such a requirement and that there is a shortage of such manpower in the USA. The agency can provide this letter only after they have failed to recruit anyone locally.

2. Once the permit letter is obtained the company can proceed further and gain visa for the foreign candidate to enter their shores

3. A valid passport of the applicant

4. A copy of the current visa

5. Proof of residence through a valid address of residence in the home country of the applicant

6. A letter of invitation from the US employer

7. Evidence and assurance to be provided by the company that the need for this employment is temporary and that the applicant will return to his home country soon after completion of the assignment

8. Documents such as bank account statements, property and share holdings and .the like that indicate the strong social and economic binding of the applicant to his home nation which will convince the visa officer of the applicant's return to his home country

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