Documents Required for H1B Visa

H1B visa is a type of visa that entitles an individual work permit through a company that has operations in the USA. The following are the documents to be submitted along with the visa application:

1. Original and valid passport of the applicant.

2. Duly filled online form DS-160 and its acknowledgment letter printed out for reference along with the CEAC barcode.

3. Receipt of the application fee payment.

4. Copy of the Visa Interview Appointment letter also called the VFS interview letter.

5. Approval letters from the current and previous employers.

6. A copy of the entire passport including the blank pages.

7. Original offer letter of the employer duly attested by the authorised signatory of the organisation.

8. Latest photographs of the applicant.

9. Letter from the client stating the project details, duration and technicalities involved.

10. Contract letter of the employer and his client.

11. Any previous H1 petitions filed by you through previous employments indicating your designation and job description.

12. A copy of the I-129 from your current employer to the USCIS.

13. Income tax returns filed previously as proof of taxes paid to the US government.

14. Latest payslips from your current employer.

15. All academic certificates from secondary education degree up to graduation or post graduation and beyond, including any specialised certifications obtained during employment.

16. Copies of I-94, I-20 and EAD cards.

17. Bank statements of last 6 months showing proof of salary account.

18. Sponsor's tax returns and wage reports.

19. Photographs of the company currently employed with.

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